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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceCorporations · 1 decade ago

What is a Wal-mart Rollback?

Well, I just saw a Zune 80 on sale normally it would be around 249 (without taxes) but now its 198$ Which i think is a good deal since it comes with premium earphones. How long does a rollback last? Is it forever? Or only temporary?

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    A rollback is a change within the price of a product, such as your Zune. This usually occurs when the supplier of the Zunes gives Walmart a discount in the purchase price of the product. Usually it is because WalMart buys so damn many of everything. It can also be as a result of demand as well. If they normally sell 200 of them a month, but have lately only been selling 50 a month, more than likely, their warehouse is packed full of them. One other thing that may cause a rollback is the item itself... Have they created a newer version of the Zune? Is there another comparable brand stealing the Zune's attention and sales?

    Rollbacks can vary in how long they last. There are three kinds: Company wide rollbacks, district wide rollbacks, and store-wide rollbacks. The company-wide , and district wide rollbacks last for a month or longer. Storewide rollbacks can last as long as a company wide rollback, but can be as short as a day.

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    Walmart Rollback

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    What Is Rollback

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    como utilizar esta tarjeta en la walmart

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    Hahaha… Zune.


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