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Does magnetic waist really help aid back pain?

So does Magnetic waist reduce back pain and if it does, about how long until all the pain have gone?

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    I haven't tried it for my chronic back pain. After over a year on strong painkillers, I starting taking Cosamin DS and it helps a lot! It's supposed to be for joints and there are no conclusive studies on whether or not it helps back pain, but loads of people say it does! Apparently, it has anti inflammatory properties.

    Funny thing is, I've tried several prescription anti inflammatory meds without much help (but I felt like I had knives in my stomach from those nasty things), so I'm surprised this over-the-counter product is working.

    Cosamin DS is one of the best of the glucosamine products out there. Read reviews for it here:

    I feel your pain. :(

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    It didn't help my wrist, so I doubt it would help your back. See a chiropractor, or take Ultram, and Motrin, and don't lift anything heavy. Opiates seem like a bad idea.

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