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請幫忙翻譯下面句子 3Q 急 20 點

1.以李安今日的成就與地位,外面誘惑那麼多,有很多人擔心他的純樸能維持多久?林惠嘉笑著說: 『李安是很善良的人,而人的本質不容易改變,我一向的原則是只要我們自己能做的,絕不麻煩或增添他人負擔,再說【惡婆娘】 如我,隨時耳提面命,李安大概還不會那麼容易被寵壞吧!』在妻子眼裏,聲名顯赫的大導演李安永遠是一個聽話的好丈夫。



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    With Li An's today's achievement and status, lure so many outside, how long to maintain to he is simple and honest? Lin HuiJia says with a smile: "i An kindhearted person very, but essence of people apt to change, I principle always so long as we that oneself can make, never it is the troublesome or can't add burden others,besides, ¡¾bad young married woman ¡¿Such as me, pour earnest advice into one's ears at any time, Li An will not probably be so easy to be spoilt! "In wife's eyes, famous director Li An with illustrious reputation is an obedient good husband forever .


    On the Golden Ball Award awards ceremony of 2001 ¡­Whether Li An at taking over Julia ¡¤ best director award that Roberds awarding , talk in professional jargon dish humorous. "My pleasantly surprised feeling is indescribable. I want to thank my intrepid wife, she is the model of all women angles besides green eyes fox in " Crouching Tiger , Hidden Dragon " ¡­¡­"


    In 2001, " Crouching Tiger , Hidden Dragon " were when not getting the Gold Horse Prize best director award of Taiwan , reporters asked Li An's impressions, Li An says humorously: "Want to go home and scold by the wife as soon as possible very much. "

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