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Which country does Cheese come from?

Is it Switzerland?

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    Cheese doesn't just come from one country. Fermented milk products, are known in many countries in the world and the practice of making cheese is older than recorded history.

    There are several European countries who are reknowned for their particular type of cheese:

    Bulgaria, Greece, but also Romania produce feta, out of sheeps or goats milk. Feta is also used in the cooking of Turkey and other mediterranean countries.

    Italy is well known for cheeses such as Parmesan, Peccorino, Romano etc.

    France is known for its soft ripened cheeses, particulary many types of brie and camembert,but also blue vein cheeses such as Rocquefort.

    Germany has cheeses such as Limburg or Tilsit.

    In Alpine regions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria you'll find great "Bergkaese".

    Switzerland is best known for Emmenthal (the swiss cheese with the big holes), but also Gruyere.

    The Netherlands produce Gouda and Edam cheeses.

    The UK is probably best known for cheddar and Stilton.

    While cheese and other milk products are not as widely used in Asian countries, even in India, they make their own fresh cheese-like product, called paneer, which is used in cooking.

    Nowadays, many of these cheeses are also produced (with mixed success) in every country, not just their country of origin.

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    Country Of Cheese

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    Cheese predates recorded history with the oldest known archeological evidence of cheese making going back to Ancient Egypt 2000 BC.

    However it can be assumed that cheese existed before that period of time (but for how long, nobody really knows)

    Cheese is predominantly a european and middle eastern product, with little use in the fast east. So it would suggest that there was only a single origin, but because (like butter) its ability to preserve milk for later use, spread to many countries that use herd aninals.

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    All countries.

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    Heck, even America has it's own cheese.

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