If my fence is blown down, will it be covered under my "windstorm" insurance?


it was due to hurricane IKE

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    If you have "windstorm" coverage - that means that you have the endorsement that provides coverage for named storms (which Ike is). Therefore, your policy should cover it.

    However, some policies limit coverage on fences to actual cash value. That means the cost to replace the item less depreciation. Your deductible will also apply. In many coastal areas - the deductible is a %. Depending on how much fence you have that was damaged and the cost to repair it -- it may not be worth filing a claim on. If that is the only damage you have -- you may want to get an idea of what it would be to repair it before you decide if you should turn in the claim or not.

    Also -- when you have a big storm (like Ike) - the insurance companies usually are going to try and have their adjusters work the bigger losses first. That means the folks whose houses are not able to be lived in. If the only damage you have is a fence -- your claim probably will not be one of the first ones handled.

    If you decide to report the claim -- be patient. The insurance company will get to you.....but it could take several weeks.

    And for anyone else reading......homeowners does cover Acts of God. There is no exclusion for "acts of god". Lighting, hail are both acts of god....both are covered.

    The standard homeowners policy does NOT cover flood. It does not matter if the water was driven by rain/wind. In order to have coverage for any flood damage to your home....you have to purchase Flood insurance at least 30 days before the loss.

    Coastal homeowners policies may also have language the excludes coverage for named storms. You can purchase an endorsement to provide this coverage. Frequently, this endorsement is what people refer to as "windstorm" insurance or wind coverage.

    **not legal advice...only general info. How your claim would be handled depends on the coverage you purchased and the language in your policy.

    Source(s): Insurance Adjuster 12 years
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    Why not telephone your insurer. They will tell you if it is covered or not. What about the local council and the government? If your area has been declared a national disaster area there could be funds made available through them. It has been estimated that IKE will cause damage costs running into a billion dollars or more. The Bush administration has become involved so there should be compensation available.

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    Unlike the other answer folks, I researched it and it does appear that you windstorm insurance should cover it. You'd have to check to policy to be sure (not fun reading, but important in times like this weekend). Check out the link for more info.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you all for your replies and opinions.

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    i believe that's an act of god and they do not cover that

  • 1 decade ago

    more than likely not

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