Does diflucan work/yeast infections resistant to treatment?

For a yeast infection, does it work for you? I am finding that the 7 day prescription works best for me and at times I need 2 weeks of that.

Also, has anyone else had a yeast infection that has almost gone away but not quite even after 2 rounds of prescription yeast inserts?

What the hell gives? Am I alone here?

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    1 decade ago
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    Are you over doing the prescription? I had a bad experience: last year there was a 6-month streak where I was constantly getting yeast and BV infections (eww right??). I was constantly b/w antibiotics for both and of course BV medicine has a high chance of resulting in yeast infections. So I finally went to see a "better" doctor and she told me to stop jumping on the meds so quickly...and to just wait it out a little bit and if things don't get better then get meds. That advice pretty much worked and I was able to get my body back in sync. I have done the two-diflucan or two-3day insert treatments. But I was advised to do one treatment then wait like a week, then do the next treatment. That works for me. I also liked the 7-day treatment, but as I normal again...the three day became sufficient. So my overall advice is to back off the meds...

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    try monitoring your yeast intake, ie too much white bread, or too much beer. try cutting yeats out of your diet altogether for a while to see if that helps, also try taking a probiotic like acidophillus, its a wonder bug, helps to restore all your natural flora!

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