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Are these footballers good? ?

Marc Murphy - oviously!

Andy Otten

Stephen Gilham

John Blakey

They all went to my school and are now playing AFL.

- Pat Cash went to my school too. But got expelled for burning down tennis courts. :)

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    congrats.. yer marc murphy will be a superstar.... but Leon Davis Went To My School And Buddy Franklin and Or chance batman lived in a town 30mins away from min HUH .. AND I WILL BE A FOOTY PLAYER IN A FEW YEARS SO BEAT THAT

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    Why do human beings consistently assume those with funds to have sense sufficient to get out of the rain? with the flexibility to sing, dance, act, flow a ball around consisting of your ft, or an ancestor that grow to be rich has no longer something to do with social skills. those each and every physique isn't rocket scientists, they're only celebrities for the only concern they are able to do, or something an ancestor did. I agree, he needs to spend greater funds on acquiring social skills or education & much less on jewels.

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    well i have only heard of marc murphy

    but since we are name dropping..

    1) my second cousin is engaged to jared brennan's brother

    2) my (other) second cousin lives with anthony corrie's cousin

    3) darryl white's kids go to my primary school

    4) simon black goes for a run where i play touch footy

    5) i see michael voss in the shopping centre.. at least once a month

    6) i talk 2 brisbane players on facebook.. and they talk back

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    obviously* lol god u blue fans can't spell. umm and no not one of them is good...u know maybe if u tried developing players like marc murphy instead of stealing players like the cheats u are ..people might like u guys more...highly doubted though

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have only heard of Murphy.

  • 1 decade ago

    none a good especially marc murphy

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    i dont think marc murphy ovulates

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    Now we're name dropping, Brad Johnson is a very close friend of mines Cousin!!

    So there ;))))

  • 1 decade ago

    most of those guys are retierd

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