which do you think is better Minneapolis or Detroit?

we're thinking of moving from VA to some place better (my mom and sisters and i)... we used findyourspot.com and after researching we are trying to decide between the 2.. i'm 15 and my sisters are 11 and 16. we've never been to either state but i just want opinions b/c i don't know that much about minneapolis or detroit so any info u have would help A LOT! btw which city in your opinion is the most fun (parks, restaurants, nightlife, zoos, aquariums etc.)?? thanks guys!

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    I have listed below some information about Minneapolis and some information about Detroit that could assist you further.













    Hope this helps.


    You might want to try Chicago. The Metropolitan Area of Chicago is having a great significant growth and is a city that has a good economy and great mass transportation and the cultural sites Chicago has are wonderful. Here are some sources to help you if you wanted to go to Chicago;






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    Minnesota would be better as far as the economy. Michigan's economy is really terrible right now and jobs are scarce.

    Minneapolis is going to be cold so you have to like winter, but there is a TON of stuff to do there - the Mall of America, nightlife, and all the other stuff you've listed.

    Detroit has a zoo - and it's really a great zoo. There are restaurants and parks in and around Detroit. There is not an aquarium in Detroit.

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    I grew up in Detroit and still have family there, so, of course, I like it there. But the economy in the state of Michigan and particularly in Detroit is very bad.

    Minneapolis is a GREAT CITY! I have been there many times. There are lots of outdoor spaces. The only thing.....it's VERY, VERY COLD! They routinely get temperatures below zero (-10; -20) in the winter. But, obviously, they have 3 other beautiful seasons. I would definitely choose the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

    Fact about Minnesota: you do NOT pay any sales tax on clothing, shoes, etc. as they consider that a "necessary" item so you are not taxed!!

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    Minneapolis is a very nice city, and has a much better economy than Detroit. But I heard it lacks diversity.

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    Minneapolis is an awesome city with a lot to offer.

    Detroit is depressed, and in my opinion, a terrible place to move to. Most people want to get out.

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    I left Detroit this summer to move to DC. My family and my boyfriend are still there, and I wonder why. I was born and raised there. Trust me when I say, there's nothing there.

    The only thing Minn and Detroit have in common is that they're very cold, weather-wise.

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    After leaving in Detroit all my life and with all unemployment rate and academic setting being at its worse right now here I would give anyone advice to go someplace else right now if you can. It's not a good idea to start fresh in Detroit these days. Good luck!

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    Detroit because

    zoo-Detroit zoo it has a great artic ring of life where the polar bears are in a tank and go right over your head

    restaurants-lots of restaurants Southern fires,Sinbad's and many many more

    there are lots of clubs!

    Bell Isle is the biggest park in the city-has paddlewheel swan boats,playscape,beach,golf course,tennis court,bike trail,wooded area,picnic area, they have back to school rallies and airplane races there

    aquariums-unfortunenately they just closed it

    many events all year round:

    jan-auto show

    feb-winter blast

    june-Detroit Festival of the Arts

    july-taste fest

    august-state fair

    september-jazz fest,universoul circus

    myspace.com/mztooclassi >comment the blogs and add me

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    Detroit is cool if you have a good job and live in a good area.

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    Detroit sucks.

    Source(s): live here
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