Saving file as JPEG on photoshop?

I have a question concerning JPEG format. When you save your file as a JPEG, or when you use the Save for Web command. Whats the resolution does photoshop use??

I would really appreciate the help!

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    I always use the "Save As" Dialogue (Control+Shift+S) for exporting in the JPEG format. The resolution of the resulting JPEG will be that of your project, which can be changed in the Image Size dialogue (Control+Alt+I). So if you are creating something for display on the internet, it will ideally be 72 dpi, the resolution of monitors. If it is for print, it should be set to 300 dpi. The "Save for Web" is a convenient tool, but nothing that can't be done easily without.

    On export the resulting slider (1-12) is just a measure of the relative quality of the file. The closer you approach 1, the smaller the file size, but also the more compressed the image is. The compression clusters like-colors together creating the artifacts around edges. If you don't want these, try switching to a format like PNG which does not compress your images.

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    The resolution is completely dependent on the resolution you have set in the picture size. The "quality" of the image can be adjusted.

    You never, ever, want to save an image as a JPG file if you plan on opening and possibly editing that picture again. You loose image quality every time you save in JPG format.

    If you are going to re-open the picture and possibly edit or use it in another picture, make sure you store it in a lossless format such as BMP, native photoshop format, or similar.

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    From the report menu opt for export rather of save. save implies preserving each and every of the photoshop formatting information which jpeg does not help and so reckoning on what you have replaced you won't be waiting to maintain in something different than photoshops very own format. Export on the different hand will save purely the image and not something that's what you desire to do if all you desire is the main suitable image.

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    That would depend on what resolution and file size you choose. When you do File>save for web you get 4 options to choose from - you just choose the best depending on what suites. For jpg you get a slider to determine what size you want the image to be.

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