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How to litter train a very young kitten?

We rescued a kitten who's mother was hit by a car, estimated age 5 weeks- We weaned it, but cannot get it to use litter box, and is messing whwerever it wants. Please anyone with any suggestions help...My Grand daughter will be truely crushed if the kitten has to go. We tried putting it in litter box and showed it how to scratch, but to no avail still won't go there.

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    Buy a litter called "Kitten Attract". It's made by Dr. Elsey and it is wonderful! I had a kitten that would not use his litter box, after buying this, he used it twice in the first 30 minutes.

    It is more expensive than the normal litter but worth it. I only needed one bag, by the end of it I was mixing it with regular litter. Now I only use regular and he has only had a few accidents (usually because I didn't clean his box!).

    There is a rebate on the website, you can get your money back for your first purchase.

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    I don't have the answer for you but I just now got a kitten of the same age and think that they all will have to learn this ability since they learn by what mom cat teaches them and our mom cat isn't around, so my best suggestion is to put it in litter box occasionally and watch your cat closley and observe when you think he's going to bathroom, then quickly put him in the litter box. Hiding thier waste is a natural instict that will gradually come to a kitten. Right now he or she is lost without their mother. We aren't that worried about our kitten because he is so young and will have to learn this act. Ours poops where it wants to as well, don't worry it will soon discover the littler box-but it will also need your help to do so. 5 weeks is young to be without mother.

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    put it in its litter box and draw its paw inand across the litter as if its digging, then ur kitten will know what he/she is supposed to do, i just recently got a kitten and she learned this first time, if it dosent work, try again, it may take a couple of times before she/he understands, good luck and remember 5 weeks is still young.

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    Whenever you see that he is about to poo, quickly put him in the litter box. When he's done, manipulate his paw to cover the mess with gravel. Natural instincts should kick in soon.

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    tickle the area around her bottom with a damp cotton bud .her mother use to stimulate her there so she would go to the toilet. make sure you take her to her litter tray at least once an hour and use this technique. hopefully she'll get the hang of it quickly

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