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Does the HGH supplement Sytropin work?

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    Spray and pill forms of Hgh supplements go about raising your Hgh levels in a safer and more natural way than by injections. These supplements contain either no actual Hgh or very minute amounts. The purpose of these types of Hgh supplements is to stimulate the bodies own production of natural Hgh.

    There can be many side effects with the use of human growth hormone and it can also put a person at risk for other diseases. Side effects include an increase in blood pressure, fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, and joint pain.

    Te use of growth hormone has also been tied to an increase in insulin resistance which leads to diabetes. Diabetes as a result of HGH supplementation was also reported by Dr. Rudman in his report. One man used HGH successfully for a time, but eventually came down with diabetes which doctors linked to his growth hormone use. A 6 month study on the effects of HGH on diabetes showed that while insulin resistance was at first increased, after 6 months of growth hormone use the testers’ insulin levels returned to the levels before their growth hormone use.

    Source(s): Rudman et al. “Effects of human growth hormone in men over 60 years old.” New England Journal of Medicine 1990 323: 1-6. King, Marsha. “Finding fountain of youth…or dangerous waters?” Seattle Times 11 May 2003: A1. Simon, Cecilia. “Big on HGH? Human Growth Hormone Helps Small Kids Grow, but Some Call its Wider Use Shortsighted.” Washington Post 30 Sept. 2003 : F1
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    Does the HGH supplement Sytropin work?

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    Of course HGH makes you grow taller. Thats what it was invented for. as long as you bones have not sealed.

    Taller people get more girls and have generally higher percentage of success in life. Thats fact. Yes you can get HGH online its a bit tough but at you can get it. I have been ordering from them for years. They provide prescription and 24 hour delivery world wide. after all your question was how can i buy HGH and all you got was a bunch of answers that had nothing to do with your question. They have Eli lilly humatrope the best brand on the market, saizen, jintropin and kigtropin. My whole gym uses these guys. call them at U.S.A office (239) 444-8648

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    Does Sytropin Work

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    Who knows but I know one that does. It's one I'm currently using and I've had a lot of benefits with it. I feel so energized and nice while taking them. I work out a little bit and I can just tell you recovery quicker and can stick with it. The one I'm on is called genf20 and at the time I saved on it at which was nice.

    Well good luck and I hope this helps.

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