How many "en passants" in chess? Multiple pawn promotions?

In chess, of know of all the special moves like en passant, castling and pawn promotion, but I don't know if there is a limit. For "en passant", in the rules it states that if the situation comes up for you t perform that move and you don't do it, you lose your right to it. But does that mean you aren't able to perform it with just that pawn anymore or with the rest of them? In other words, is it 1 "en passant" per game or what? Also, for pawn promotion, can you have mutiple pawn promotions if a few of them reach the other side, or is it just 1 pawn that can get promoted?

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    Right: if you decline an opportunity to capture a pawn en passant, then

    that means you aren't allowed to later capture that pawn by en passant.

    If a different opportunity arises, to capture a different pawn en passant,

    then you have a new decision to make about capturing that different pawn.

    You might even decide to capture en passant this time.

    Of the special moves: en passant, castling and pawn promotion,

    only castling has a limit by rule. Each player may castle only once.

    The special pawn rules are not limited in number by rule.

    The special pawn rules are limited by the number of pawns on the board.

    There could be at most 16 pawn promotions and 8 en passants.

    Realistically anything over 3 occurrences, of either en passants or pawn promotions,

    would seem more like a bizarre puzzle, rather than a competitive game.

    You can have multiple pawn promotions in a game (up to 8 for each player).

    For 16 promotions, pawns need to capture pieces to get out of each other’s way.

    You can have up to a total of only 8 en passant captures in a game,

    because each passant capture uses up the opportunity for two pawns

    (one from each player).

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    Castling -- you can only castle once, and cannot castle on the side where a rook has been moved, if your king has moved, if you are in check, or if your king moves through check to get to its destination square.

    Promotions -- You can theoretically have up to all 8 of your pawns promote, and the choices are rook, bishop, queen, or knight.

    En Passant -- you can have as many en passants as you want per game, but each pawn can only do it once (think about it -- it wouldn't be possible to do an en passant with a pawn that has already done one because the pawn would be on the seventh rank). You can only do an en passant on the turn RIGHT AFTER the pawn moved. Otherwise, the pawn can never be taken by en passant.

    Hope this helped!

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    Players can promote all 8 pawns.. for a total of 16 possible promotions in the game.

    If I am not mistaken.. mathematically there can only be a maximum total of 8 en-passants in the game.

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