Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for couples!?

I am looking for a halloween costume for my husband and I to wear to the halloween party. I would like a really funny costume. Last year we went as mario and Luigi from Super mario Brothers, but this year I want it to be pretty funny. And I don't want to dress slutty. Some girls use Halloween to get all slutted up and I am not one of those girls.

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    Your husband can be a plug and you'll be the outlet. Saw that last year, couldn't stop laughing. OR he could be a brick layer and you could be a brick house. (Which is funny cause it makes me think of the song) You know what, alot of these are preverted. But they are kinda funny too.

    Mario and Luigi? That is so awesome!

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    Funny Halloween Ideas For Couples

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    Oh Mario and Luigi that is a good one. The plug and outlet is pretty good. I think Fred and Wilma Flinston would be cool. Or Ketchup and Mustard. Or Police and Rober. Or that double person pony is cool. I dont blame you. Have a happy halloween. I am still triing to find out what to were. Hope this helped.

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    I just looked around me to get inspiration for ideas, and I saw my cell phone, you could try a cell phone and an ear. :) could be Tom and Jerry

    Or..Timon and Pumbaa

    Or..Milk and Cereal

    Or..Dark chocolate and White Chocolate

    Or..the Tortoise and the Hare

    Or..Danny Zukoo and Sandy

    Or..Tarzan and Jane

    Or..Adam and Eve

    Or..King of Hearts and the Queen can look at movies or books you guys like and find couples in them, like I love Sweeney Todd so of course I would think of Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney. Good luck! Email me and maybe I can help more!

    Source(s): There's a page with couple costumes, maybe you can get some ideas from there.
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    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

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    Are you similar sizes? If so dress up completely as each other! Wear each other's clothes, jewelry, whatever you can, and if your hair is very different get wigs if you can. Make everybody at the party call you by each other's names! You certainly won't look like anybody else at your parties then!

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    May i suggest a fork and a spoon?


    or how about the lady dresses up as an electrical socket, and the man dresses up as the electrical plug ;)

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    Wilma and Fred Flintstone

    Knight and princess

    cowboy and cowgirl or a flapper bar girl

    its hard because all that is out there is slut costumes.

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    Inuyasha and Kagome lol but if your not into that I'd say

    Homer and Marge (simpons)

    Peter and Louis Griffin (family guy)

    Sherlock homes and his assistant

    Doctor and nurse (maybe zombie?)

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    You can be a ventriloquist and he can be your dummy. Just paint him up to look like a dummy and you can wear a plaid suit and he can sit on your lap and you can just be goofy about it,

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