Start Torry Holt, Vincent Jackson, or Eddie Royal this week?

I've got two of my three week 2 receivers set with Randy Moss and Calvin Johnson but am having trouble selecting the third. Should I go with:

1. Torry Holt against the Giants D

2. Vincent Jackson against the Broncos D

3. Eddie Royal against the Chargers D

I have weighed many pros and cons for each player and still am having difficulty picking a player, arguments for who and why would be appreciated.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Go with E Royal

    T Holt! the name is Big but his offence is shaky and play with Giant Def. i think if you want to take Big risk start him. But i don't think he will performance well this week.

    V Jackson, even he is second WR, Compare with Royal, Royal will get more catches. and Plus Denver is host team for this game.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jackson the worst of the three choices, for sure...

    Holt is the only recieveing threat the Rams have, so expect double coveragr...Royal's an interesting play rhough, especially with Marshall back...I'd go with Royal or Holt.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would start Eddie Royal.

    Broncos will find ways to get this explosive receiver the ball even with Brandon Marshall back. Marshall will see more double coverage, opening up the field for Royal. Royal is also a returner for the Broncos if you get points for that category.

    Source(s): Yahoo Fantasy Football veteran player. Won 1 title and finished 2nd in two straight seasons.
  • 4 years ago

    Jackson is a selection one million receiver on a intense powered offense with an superb QB at the back of center and a working interest which will shop D's from being waiting to totally concentration on him. Holt is previous, slower, cranky whilst issues are not going his way, and being thrown to by using a journeyman QB (Leftwich) and has a wierd determination of RB's at the back of him. bypass with Jackson. he will probably produce the main this season. Holt could pan out, so i might take a wait and see innovations-set with him and video reveal him till now canning and/or finding out to purchase and advertising him.

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