Any nice apartments in Chicago under $600 a month?

My friend and I are planning on going to Columbia College in Chicago, but the dorms are incredibly expensive.. So we are looking for a cheap, but nice apartment preferably close to the college...

If there are pictures available for the apartments I would like to see them too :)

We are from the south, so if our price range is too low, please tell me :)


Hmm.. I figured that my southern blood was too cheap for Chicago..

Well, does anyone know of an affordable apartment near Columbia?

We have already tried the dorms, and have been told that they are about $9000 a year..

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    I am not sure you have thought this out fully. Let's say you were to find an apartment for $600 (which is impossible but lets just say you could),,,nine times out of ten,your lease would be for 12 months so here you are

    $600 for rent

    $100 for gas

    $75 electricity

    $200 for groceries

    Were you interested in watching television?

    $40 cable

    $40 internet

    Let's say the landlord is flexible and gives you a nine month lease, you are looking at 1055 a month = $9,495

    I know what you are thinking, that cost will be split in two but trust me, do not rely on anyone else when it comes to your living arrangements because you never know what may happen and what you may be stuck with. And to top all of you won't even find a studio for the $600...if you are looking for a two bedroom, I would venture into the $1,000's and that's in the Rogers Park area (possibly the medical district) making your commute longer.......I think you should think about it a little more

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    You are going to have to bump up your minimum a good bit, but Logan Square is a good area for college students. You can find a few 2 BRs in Logan Square for under $1000. Minimum wage in Chicago is allot higher then most parts of the country so jobs tend to pay a bit more then you might be used too. If you both get jobs that have you working around 25 - 30 hours a week then you should be fine.

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    With a roommate you can make that mark. In the UIC area, you can find 2 bedroom apartments for less than $1200 a month. For a two bedroom apartment in a decent area expect to spend in the neighborhood of $1000 per month.

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    Especially in a city, the dorms are usually a pretty good deal. $600/month sounds way too low for Chicago.

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    no longer all south area is a slum. The halfway airport section is a rumbling section, which you're able to correctly be waiting to locate an house for basically 1000. you additionally can attempt the south suburbs which comprise chicago ridge.

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    you would be better of staying in the dorm because if want something close and ina good neighbourhood your looking at about $1500 a month..

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    Unless you want to live in a bad part of town, you might want to consider spending a little more. And since you want to live near Columbia, which is downtown, you'll have to spend more.

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    that's a good deal cuz most stuff you will find that isn't in the ghetto or something is almost 2,000 a month. your best bet is the dorms.

  • No. For 600 you will be living in the ghetto.

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    Try Obama's old know, the one where he did community organizing.

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