Why are Jehovah's Witnesses ending the circuit overseer arrangement?



• Pioneer hour change is legit. Letters are being mailed out soon to all congregations for announcement in early October right before the tract campaign starts.

Elimination of Circuit Overseers

• Implementation date 2011 service year

• Many District Overseer’s and some “Circuit Overseers” are getting along in years and slowing down. There is a need for several more suitable replacements.

• There is a need to prepare additional brothers to serve as “overseers” in case of persecution and isolation.

• Presiding Overseers will be trained for additional responsibilities at Patterson “Elders School”.

• After all Presiding Overseer’s have been trained and before this is implemented there will be a Kingdom Ministry school for all Elder’s.

• Various Presiding Overseers from around each circuit will visit the various congregations in the circuit.

Update 2:

• The visit of the “Overseer” will begin Thursday evening. Another meeting will be held Saturday evening and the public meeting will be on Sunday.

• The “Overseer” will share in service Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the congregation.

• Additionally the “Overseer” will have a meeting with the local elders and pioneers.

• Congregations will receive three visits per year instead of just two.

• Circuit Overseers can be reassigned as “District Overseers” to fill the need of replacements.

• Other Circuit Overseers may be reassigned as “Special Pioneers” to assist in the field.

• Since there will be ample “Circuit Overseers” to replace the needed “District Overseers” the size of the district will be lowered from about 13-15 circuits to around 10 per district. This will enable the “District Overseer” to spend more time with the circuits.

• There will be more brothers trained to shoulder the responsibility of oversight when persecution breaks out.

Update 3:

• Instead of having one “Circuit Overseer” assigned to 20 congregations various brothers will be familiar with the needs of different congregations, in order to care for these congregations during the above mentioned difficult times.

• If a select few congregations became isolated for one reason or another, brothers who are already familiar with overseeing the needs of entire congregations would already be available to assist.

• If one “Overseer” was persecuted, arrested, etc. there would already be other qualified brothers to take the lead.

Expansion at Patterson

• Will start some time after upcoming Wallkill project is finished.

• Substantial plans have already been filed with Putnam County and Patterson City to obtain needed permits, and the okay has been given to start the project.

• Several additional office and residence buildings are to be built. The plan is to build as high as the government will allow; likely 5 or 6 floor buildings.

Update 4:

• Plan is to have HIS, Treasurer’s Office, Convention Office, and other smaller departments move there first.

• One new office building will be exclusively used by Governing Body, United States Branch Committee, Service, Publishing (Legal), and Writing Departments.

• Teaching Department will be in new building with Audio Video services with largely expanded studio from what they have right now.

Expansion at Wallkill

• Likely will start in 2009.

• After completion plan to have the wood, machine, furniture, etc. shops and electrical, plumbing, and other mechanical training will move to Wallkill.

• Departments that coordinate RBC’s, KH building and other expansion projects will move to Wallkill.


Brooklyn News

• Dumbo project in Brooklyn on Jay St has been scrapped.

• Buildings will continue to be sold. Residents will be moved to the larger buildings.

• Plan for eventually selling all buildings in Brookly

Update 5:

JWs please stop your cyber bullying of questioners you do not like. Pleas just let this straight forward question get answered. I'll just keep reposting it anyway.

Update 6:

Remember all the articles about how the Circuit Overseer arrangement is a loving provision from Jah, and how aren't we glad Jah was wise enough to come up with that idea? So if the Circuit Overseer arrangement was from Jah himself, then who is the GB to get rid of it?

So now is it Jah that is scrapping that old idea, why? Another lightbulb went on. Now he came up with a better idea, even more loving and thoughtful! So is the new arrangement Jah's idea too? Or is it just another financial/legal issue decided by WT Lawyers? Otherwise known as "downsizing."

Update 7:

So why not ask your elders about it or call Headquarters to confirm?

Update 8:

The new pioneer hours are going to be 50 for regs and 35 for auxes.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Your claims at this point are all unverified and unproven. And until you actually do provide documentation (photocopy of a letter or KM preferably), then I can rightfully take nothing that you say as being true, because we must take into consideration that you have spewed more vitreous, hatred and bias towards Witnesses than almost any other user I have ever seen. Therefore anything out of your mouth must be take with several bushels of salt.

    However, if there is a grain of truth in this information, then I welcome the change. An organization structure must adapt itself to the times. What may have worked well 60 years ago, might not be as efficient today due to such overwhelming changes in the world.

    "So if the Circuit Overseer arrangement was from Jah himself, then who is the GB to get rid of it?"

    So if the judging arrangement was from Jehovah himself, then WHO WAS JETHRO to change it??

    "At this Moses’ father-in-law said to him: “It is not good the way you are doing. You will surely wear out, both you and this people who are with you, because this business is too big a load for you. You are unable to do it by yourself. Now listen to my voice. I shall advise you, and God will prove to be with you. You yourself serve as representative for the people before the [true] God, and you yourself must bring the cases to the [true] God. And you must warn them of what the regulations and the laws are, and you must make known to them the way in which they should walk and the work that they should do. But you yourself should select out of all the people capable men, fearing God, trustworthy men, hating unjust profit; and you must set these over them as chiefs over thousands, chiefs over hundreds, chiefs over fifties and chiefs over tens. And they must judge the people on every proper occasion; and it must occur that every big case they will bring to you, but every small case they themselves will handle as judges. So make it lighter for yourself, and they must carry the load with you. If you do this very thing, and God has commanded you, you will then certainly be able to stand it and, besides, this people will all come to their own place in peace.”

    Immediately Moses listened to the voice of his father-in-law and did all that he had said." (Exodus 18:17-24)

    "Or is it just another financial/legal issue decided by WT Lawyers?"

    You have no evidence or proof to back up that statement whatsoever; you only have your own hatred. You have no idea what the Governing Body's reasons are.

    Additionally, we ought not impune bad motives to a group for an action before that future action is even announced or explained.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago


    Source(s): End of The World Prophecy http://givitry.info/EndTimesProphecy
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Imtakesh, I tried and tried to understand the meaning of your question. Why is it bad for an organization to decide to do things differently? Like a Baptist Church that decides not to have so many deacons and do something else instead.

    are you trying to say that JW's are becoming less, so that they eliminate positions? even if they are volunteered for?

    maybe the JW's will become like Independent Baptists, who do not like a central location but rather have local congregations. they say that if a central location becomes corrupt, so do all the churches...but if they are independent, than they do not cause another church to fall.

    so, maybe the JW's are going to eliminate the Watchtower and be governed by the locality

  • 3 years ago

    Maybe they finally realized it is not scriptural. Neither is this idea of a "governing body". Jesus alone is the mediator between Jehovah and man. The "faithful and discreet slave" was a character in an illustration, not a person who represents a "class" of people.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Why do I get the feeling you are not getting the reaction you wanted from the JWs?

    That news, if factual, is very interesting.

    If not factual, it still has had the effect of lifting our spirits. We are looking forward to the end of this dreadful system. It reminds me of the account of when prison guards in the USSR showed an arrested sister a picture of an assembly crowd and made some rude statements. The sister that morning had been feeling so low, but just seeing her brothers and sisters staying true to the faith on the outside upped her spirits so much that she smiled at the guards and thanked them.

    So may I take this opportunity to say "Thank you"

  • 4 years ago

    jehovahwitnesses circuit overseer arrangement

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Peaches thinks that Inlakesh has finally gone over the cliff.

    Either provide actual documentation for your claims or keep your mouth shut, respectfully of course.

    Are these full and unabridged quotations from an actual letter or publication, are they paraphrases of what somebody heard, or are they just rumors? If its an actual letter or publication, provide proper (preferable MLA or APA) citations so that others may verify.

    I would also like to know which website that you copy/pasted all of this from please.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think the organization is finally going downhill and being expose for what it truly is.

    Isn't is a prophecy the org. uses to apply to Christendom about all the church people running away from the churches and turning on false religion and then finally Babylon the Great (every religion other than JW) will fall....

    Well you exjw's and JW's know the story, but I find it funny the the organization points fingers at other religions and never takes a look in the mirror.

    Maybe they are the ones falling....hmmm...We'll see.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are not eliminating it, just the usual rotation of positions. Unlike Christendom they are not life time, paid positions. As for getting up in age the one currently visiting my mother's congregation is 29.

    • Brian3 years agoReport

      This claim that Christendom's ministers are paid is part of the Watchtower's propaganda. I personally know MANY Baptist pastors who used their own money to purchase property and build a church. They do not draw a salary and they do not require tithing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How can it be downsizing when they are calling for more people?

    Not a JW just curious.

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