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Guillermo Coria? U guys Remember him?

was he a victim of bad luck or a cheat, what does the future hold for him.

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    yes, i remember him.-

    he's still playing challengers and that stuff, and he hasn't had good results, he's ranked 566 currently (

    i gues he had bad luck, he injured his shoulder and it never fully recover from it, so he had a surgery and apparenty that didn't go so well either.-

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    yeah, I remember him. He always reminded me of the apes from Planet of the Apes. You know, with the thin ape lips. He was the victim of the bad water in Argentina. So many Argentinian players have been caught doping, that I'm starting to think they're innocent, and it's just something in the water in Buenos Aires. Or maybe in the meat.

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    I fully remember him for I was one of his fans when he came into the tennis scene. He was the best clay player after Kuerten's regime and before Nadal's dominance.

    I read his name once in a while, but he has never returned to the elite group. I wish him to be back for his style amuses me.

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    Yea...i remember rooting for him first time I started watching tennis. It was in the French Open the year Juan Carlos Ferrero won.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't remember him

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