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Which WR should I use for my Fantasy Football Team?

I currently have Calvin Johnson and Patrick Crayton. I used to have Andre Johnson but I gave him away in a blockbuster deal. I have Derrick Mason on my bench though.

Now of these Free Agent WR, who should I pick up?

Michael Jenkins, ATL

Vincent Jackson, SD

Greg Lewis, PHI

Hank Baskett, PHI

Or should I just stick with Derrick Mason?


Wow. Everyone is choosing different people.

I don't know who to choose! Haha.

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    Not Jenkins because Atlanta has a rookie QB and they will give the ball off to the Monster -- Michael Turner.

    Vincent Jackson also has a great RB on his team in LaDanian so he will not get thrown to a lot since LT will be running all over Denver.

    The philly receivers will struggle this week since they play Dallas who has Newman, Roy Williams, and Adam Jones. Don't look for them to be big this week, because if McNabb passes, it will be to Westbrook.

    Derrick Mason is your best choice. Good Luck

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    Michael Jenkins.

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    I'd stick with Mason. He looked like Flacco's favorite target in the preseason, and he consistantly puts up decent numbers.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would probably pick up jenkins or stick with mason

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    I have Derrick Mason in my starting lineup and I will Defiantly start him. He will be the most consistent.

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    just stick with derrick mason, expect another good game from joe flacco

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    id stick with mason...hes consistant every year

    Source(s): look at his career stats
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    u should get vincent jackson

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