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If the abortion issue was given over to states' rights, would the Republicans agree to do the same with...?

Gay marriage?

Marijuana Legalization?

Any other issues that come to mind?

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    Yes... As long as it does not reflect legal standing in other states.

    That's why "gay marriage" is so dicey. You get married in one state and then go to another and expect all the same rights of marriage. Personally, I think the government should simply get out of the marrying business. It should grant civil union status which would allow the couple to have all the same "administrative" rights of what is now called marriage, i.e., rights of inheritance, family status in hospitals, etc. The churches should decide who is considered "married" according to their own theologic dictates.

    As to marijuana, again yes, but if you transport that marijuana across state lines to a state that does not recognize marijuana use, then you are subject to prosecution. But if you want to get high in San Francisco, then knock yourself out... just stay out of my state.

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    definite, Republican APPOINTED Justices did come to a decision Roe V Wade. What everybody is in blunders approximately is the reality that Roe V Wade had something to do with the form. IT did not! the U. S. splendid courtroom in 1974 desperate that Federal government had the flexibility to tell the States that the States did not have the terrific to refuse an abortion if the guy searching for the abortion grew to become into on PUBLIC money (welfare). it can't nor did not end the state's from writing and passing their very own regulations bearing on abortion, Roe V Wade grew to become into desperate and no-one challenged it properly. they have constantly challenged it on a small Constitutional area, "equivalent secure practices decrease than the regulation", not if the splendid courtroom even had JURISDICTION to EVEN hear the issue. It purely informed the state's that the state could not deny an abortion because of the fact the guy grew to become into on welfare. The splendid courtroom surpassed it particularly is mandates and Constitutionally Enumerated Powers decrease than Article 3 by ability of even thinking the case.

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    If you had a basic understanding of Constitutional law you wouldn't even ask such a question. The only reason that the states do not have the exclusive authority to regulate abortion is because the Supreme Court found the decision constitutionally proctected. It's a poorly rationalized decision with no express constitutional language giving it any support, but it is for now the law of the land.

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    I would have no problem with that. The federal government, for too long has circumvented the 10th Amendment. None of the things you mentioned are specifically mentioned in the constitution as being under federal control, and should be under state control.

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