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unusual names in real life?

what are some unusual named siblings/names that you've met/come across?

I have come across:

Venus, Luke, Skye-Ann, Jake and Shine

Trinity and Breeony


Rainbow and Dallah

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    I live down the street from Andrew, Skyler, Kale, Brodie, and Payton (all are boys except for Payton).

    I've also met/know a/an:


    Athen (girl)


    Kilian (boy)

    Blaise (girl)


    Royal (boy)

    Ramey - prn. ray-MEE (girl)


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    when I was a teenager there was a 1/2 show on tv called 3's Company.

    It was about two ladies that shared an apartment with 1 man. One of the girls on the show came from a religious family, her dad was a pastor of his church; well this girl was born on Dec 24th (on the show),

    it happened to be snowing when she was born, not to mention just her last name anyway. Her parents' named her CHRISTMAS EVE SNOW,

    Chrissy for short.

    A girl I know named her daughter STORMY RAE {Rae after her Mom}

    I recently met this family (NOT triplets) Javonda, Jaquanda, and Jalonda

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    I knew two Iranian brothers names Orang and Mehrang, so together there names sounds like "Orange Meringue" (with a french accent I suppose)

    Another, by it's self, is a girl names Starberry.

    ADD: I knew a girl who went to school with twins name Orangelo and Lemangelo (sp?); another friend who had a class in college with a boy named "Major Flowers (Flowers was his last name)"

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    Haha yours are great, Venus Luke lolll gosh. Ok heres mine, the last name of this family was Angelo or something i forget, they had twin Boys so they went with:

    Orange Angelo

    Lemon Angelo...i know im not spelling it right but yea when they said their names it sounded like Orange Jello, Lemon Jello. I live in San Diego and EVERYONE has heard of them lolll. Thats the best one i can think of.

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    I think the strangest name I've heard myself is Toxie. It was a little boy in my daughter's kindergarten class last year. Oh wait, there was also a little girl named Buchi (Boo-Chee) and another little boy named Talahar.

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    Shiden (pronounced Shy-Den)

    Also i don't think Luke is that unusual. It's biblical and very popular

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    I met a girl who's parents named her Jingle Bells Snowe! Is that weird enough for you?


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    Arissa & Aniella (ah-dee-sah & ah-knee-ella)

    Jacquelina (jack-lee-na)

    Emmaline & Isobel (emma-line)




    *the last 3 on girls*

    *celeb's kids names *




    Zuma Nesta

    Alabama Gypsy Rose

    Hazel & Phinneaus

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