Physics help the decay of 235U?

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235U +1 n = 98Mo + unknown isotope + 2 n + 4e- + 4 1stgen anitleptons Sorry couldnt write symbol for 1st generation antilepton. but my question is, in the above radioactive more
Update : the way i calculated my answer was this 144 n and 92p on the left. more
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Radioiodine? 135I

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not sure how the answer is calculated, but thanks anyway
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  • Pete WG answered 6 years ago
    Am I missing something here? Fission itself does not, to my knowledge, produce antileptons - only neutrons, gamma photons and daughter nuclei.The neutron-rich daughter nuclei,however, decay by beta emission. This produces one lepton (an electron, or beta particle) and one antilepton ( an electron antineutrino).


    Former nuclear engineer.
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  • Mr Sceptic answered 6 years ago
    Total mass of 236 (235 + 1) on left hand side.

    So, total mass on right hand side =

    236 = 98 + 2 (the neutrons) + X (the electrons and neutrinos have negligible mass)

    I reckon X has a mass of 136.

    Looking at proton numbers, U = 92, Mo = 42, so X should = 50, which means it's Sn

    Does 136Sn look right?
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