Edit DvD's with windows movie maker?

I want to make music videos using clips from TV shows that I own on DvD. How would I go about getting my DvD's onto Windows Movie Maker,so that I can edit them?

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    Change the extension (.vob) to .mpg of each DVD file after it is imported to your PC. In some cases, changing the extension will not work, but for most DVDs you should find it successful. Changing that extension will render the subtitles and menus useless, but you probably will not need them in your finished video anyway. You will then need to convert the .mpg file to .wmv. There are several free video converters on the Internet that make that converson. Use your preferred search engine to conduct that search. Once you find a converter you are comfortable using, convert the clips. From there, you should be able to edit the .wmv files in Windows Movie Maker.

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    one million) make useful the project is in a position to be revealed. 2) click the "post action picture" button. an suggestions menu ought to arise. 3) from those suggestions, decide for "post to dvd. 4)insert the dvd, and click alright to the little window that opens asserting "domicile windows will now close action picture Maker and open DVD Maker" 5) there must be call menus, decide for the only you like. 6) wait and see. how long it takes to post the action picture relies upon on how long the action picture itself is. if it takes 2 hours, stroll removed from the workstation for 2 hours and busy your self with different concerns. you're actually not likely doing something incorrect, it basically takes a on an identical time as for the archives to be copied onto the DVD. wish i replaced into of counsel and kindest regards.

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    i think you could try to download to your computer's hard drive and attempt to transfer through video clip files, or by flash drive transfer.

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