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Was there a recall effort against Sarah Palin?

Was there a recall effort against Sarah Palin when she was mayor of Wasilla?

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    Palin Almost Recalled As Mayor

    Note that 60 citizens favoring recall in meeting in Wasilla is equivalent to 28000 in such a meeting in Chicago. That's six percent of the total number of voters who turned out in her election, showing up on a cold February night in Alaska.

    Foes back off their push to recall mayor (2/11/1997)

    By S.J. Komarnitsky | / Anchorage Daily News

    A recall of Mayor Sarah Palin is off the table, at least for now, according to a group calling itself Concerned Citizens for Wasilla.

    The group of about 60 residents was formed Friday in response to Palin's controversial firing of Police Chief Irl Stambaugh. Members say they're concerned about the direction taken by Palin since her election last fall, and discussed a recall. But members of the group decided instead they first want to hear Palin's explanations in person. The group developed a list of 25 questions and plans to ask Palin to meet with them sometime before Feb. 21.

    . . .

    Four months of turmoil have followed in which almost every move by Palin has been questioned, from firing the museum director to hiring a deputy administrator at a cost of $50,000 a year to a short-lived proposal to move the city's historic buildings from downtown. Critics argue the decisions are politically motivated. Palin says people voted for a change and she's only trying to streamline government.

    The matter came to a head a week and a half ago when Palin sent termination letters to Stambaugh and head librarian Maryellen Emmons, accusing them of not supporting her efforts to govern the town.

    A day later, she rehired Emmons, saying she felt she now had the librarian's support. Stambaugh, who was not rehired, said he plans to sue. His attorney, Bill Jermain, said Palin violated a federal civil rights law that prohibits retaliation for political activity. Late Monday, the City Council met in executive session to discuss any potential liability for the city as a result of Stambaugh's firing.


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    There was a committee that was interested in recalling Sarah Palin the first year she was Mayor of Wasilla. She had fired the Police Chief and the Librarian and had all Wasilla employees sign an agreement that she could fire anyone who disagreed with her. Then she hired a Deputy Administrator who basically did all the duties of the Mayor of this small town. The town's lawyer said it would cost less to let the Deputy Administrator handle all the important responsibilities of the mayor, and a recall effort would just give Palin more time to screw things up. Things settled down and Palin was more like a figurehead mayor--there to get her picture taken for the media and to be in the limelight when famous people came to visit. Wasilla had been a debt free town when Palin was first elected but Sarah thought it was important to apply for loans and hire lobbyists to represent the Town in Washington DC. She pushed the building of a sports center, but failed to realize that the site she chose (and where the building was built) was not on land owned by the city. (oops!) This little town is still paying interest on the money she reommended that they borrow to pay for the visions she had.

  • Yes, there was a recall effort against Palin in only her 1st year. Towns people were unhappy with her firing of Police Chief Irl Stambaugh and head librarian Maryellen Emmons. The run in with the librarian was over Palin's interest in getting books banned from the public library.

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    There was an effort...but it never came to a recall. It was over her trying to fire the librian from what I understand. Have an article from Anchorage Daily News...but site is down.

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