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Pet shop puppies & the people who buy them?

So I got to thinking about thinking about two petshop questions that had shown up in the last month to month in a half.

The first was a young lady who planned on opening her own petshop (was going to school for business and everything) She was on here wanting to now how she could find breeders because she wanted to sell puppies in her store; no mutts just purebreds. Of course when she got the answer she did, she went on on this lil tirade about how we were just jealous of the good luck and wealth she was going to have, but refused to acknowledge the fact that no reputable breeder would work with her.

The second was another young lady who had just purchased a puppy from a petstore. Again same answers only this time instead of the normal, well the person working there said, she said the owner of the store was a friend of her mother's and would never lie to them. The owner had apparently told them that all the puppies came from breeders who's ***** had more pups than expected. The asker also stated very proudly that she knew her puppy was healthy because the woman had also gone to vet school (or at least said she had) and vetted the animals herself.

The first thing that came to mind was, she couldn't be bothered to have another person to pay so she's just loading the pups up on antibiotics herself. And once more we were wrong and that while other petshops might have puppymill puppies this place was different. Yeah and the moon is made of cheese.

So my question is in both of these cases do you think they were both just being very naive to the truth or perhaps both were just trying to convince themselves that had done/were going to the right thing?

I mean do people going in really expect to hear the 100% honest to god truth about where the puppies in these places come from?


"At the end of the day, does anyone really want to know where everything comes from?? that burger, that chicken patty, the sausage Mcmuffin."

YES when that something costs close to 3 grand and is dead before the end of the year hector. I have relatives down south and I have seen more than my share of animals on the farm while cute and friendly, get strung up for butchering.

If I am paying anything other than an adoption fee I want to know my animals inside and out backwards and forwards. You don't get that with petshop puppies, what you get is a pile of horse shyte fed to you by the people working there.

I ALSO don't want to be lining the pockets of people who couldn't get two shts about the animals or the people buying them.

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    I think perhaps the 1st person was trying to convince herself she was going to do the right thing.

    The 2nd person sounds more naive, making excuses and convincing herself that simply because it's a "friend of the family" they couldn't be involved with those horrible puppymill types. I mean, heck, the worst puppymill owner in the world is probably friends with SOMEONE'S mother, doesn't make her breeding practices right LOL.

    I think they call it the "Not in My Backyard" syndrome....similar to upper-middle class suburban folks who deny the idea that drug use and spouse/child abuse take place with alarming frequency even in their idyllic upper-middle-class neighborhoods. Same attitude here- these are folks who hear stories of puppymills and its always SOMEONE ELSE'S puppy, someone else's pet store....and MY pup isn't from one of those places, MY pet store gets puppies from Puppy Heaven hand-delivered by the Puppy Fairy.

    In the case of the lady wanting to open a pet store....Lord knows if she ventures forth with it and starts making contact with the commercial pet industry folks, she's going to find a whole bunch of puppymillers who walk like ducks, quack like ducks, wear duck feathers.... and call themselves giraffes.

    Search "USA Breeders Forums" if you ever want to spend an evening trying not to stab pencils into your's the quintessential chat forum for puppymillers. They pat each other on the back, and justify one another's statements like "I care for my 300 dogs just fine, they are my pampered pets and my babies and just because they all live in cages doesn't mean they're not cared for"....blah, blah blah. And anyone who's against the puppymill industry is either a PETA extremist or a "snobby show breeder afraid of competition".....LOL.

    But basically, everyone who supplies the commercial pet industry is totally in denial about what they do. Either that, or the way they view the value of a dog's life is on a totally different level than most people's. They think life in a cage is fine, that there's nothing at all wrong with breeding en masse for the pet industry, and it's a very close-knit community where they "take care of their own" since they all know how much criticism and scrutiny they are under by the general public. (Of course it's just "AR whacko hype" and misunderstanding to them....not a bit of it could possibly be legit criticism, of course).

    So if this lady who wants to start a pet store gets "in" with these folks, she's going to hear what she wants to hear and will be fed the feel-good lies of "we sell healthy family-raised puppies, we're not puppymills." The more she gets involved with the industry, the more she's likely to chime in with the mantra and convince herself she's buying her puppies from Puppy Heaven itself. And she'll further convince her customers of this "fact" and they in turn will convince themselves....and so on, and so forth.

    Occasionally, a few pet store owners have faced reality after they've had to accept more than a couple delivery trucks or vans, crammed with cages full of pups in poor shape. Some may take the step of visiting one of their suppliers' "kennels"....or otherwise find a way to see the truth.....and if they REALLY care about puppies, they won't deny what they see. There's a Petland in Pensacola, FL whose former owner stopped selling pups for just this reason.....for years they only gave cage space to the local animal shelter for adoptions. The owner openly stated she got sick of seeing trucks full of sick dogs and she stopped selling pups once she realized the truth of where they came from. (Unfortunately that store has since changed hands and is now controlled by the Petland franchise, selling pups again).

    I think when people walk into a pet store, they usually don't have any real idea where the pups come from. The pet store owner often doesn't know the truth, either....and if he/she does, he's NOT gonna tell the truth. A sleazy used car salesman won't tell you the car you're looking at has been street-raced by a 16 year old pot smoker whose buddy puked in the back, either.

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    Your "people" are right. Dogs from some, not all, pet shops come from back yard breeders or puppy mills. Puppy mills are places where dozens of dogs are bred just so that the owners may sell the puppies. The animals are kept in small cages and almost always have health problems. Do some research and you will be horrified at what you find. If you really want a dog please adopt from a local shelter or last chance rescue. The dogs have usually gone through behavior tests and know basic commands. The best example I can give you is my own dog. He is a seven year old Border Collie that I rescued from a last chance place and he is the smartest dog I have ever met. He understand words in multiple languages ( 5 to be exact) and understand my moods. You will feel great about yourself if you adopt and you will have saved a life. Is there anything better than that?

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    How many people out there own dogs but have no idea what a dog is about ? There are still people out there who have no concept of what is entailed in the buying and selling of animals .

    If you have a business degree , they don't teach you the specifics of each type of business ... they teach you how to run a business .

    Sadly , I believe it's true . Many people just don't know what's going on out there . When they buy a cute puppy from a pet store , they don't want to admit that it could have been horribly abused or it's mother could be half dead in a cage a thousand miles away .

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    i think there just stupid and know nothing about dogs. ill admit i bought a puppy from a petshop, my chi.

    i know i shouldnt have but unlike the other buyers, i know the truth about where she came from and i was willing to take the chance with her, shes got all her shots, shes turning 6 mths next month and shell be fixed (i dont spay and nueter before 6 mths) and the only health isuue she had was a mild case of kennel cough which she took antibiotics for and thts all over with.

    i just couldnt help myself, those pups need love too ya know. BUT i will NEVER go into that shop EVER again. tht pup cost me $2000!

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    Well, I know from experience that managers of pet shops have "basic" knowledge of animal care. Its required by law that they either pay to have the animals vetted (shots, etc) or they do it themselves, and to save money, they do it themselves.

    There is no doubt that most pet shops buy and sell puppies from puppy mills and bad breeders. There is a store in my area that takes puppies from litters in shelters and sells them, but I'm sure that they too have their evils.

    People that buy from these shops are completely unaware. A friend of mine that worked in a pet shop was FORCED to tell possible buyers that the puppies only came from rep. breeders. If they said ANYTHING other than that, they were fired.

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    I think it's a little of both. They don't understand because they don't *want* to understand. It's not as convienent for them..and let's face it, America is about convienence today.

    Maybe someday they'll come around. Personally, if I were to ever open a pet store (or "purchase" puppies from one) they would have to be from the pound, just there to get a little more attentention. That's the only option.

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    I think some people just want a *cute widdle puppy oh he's so cute* and purposely remain clueless as to the real ugly truth of what is going on behind the scenes. It's like clothing made in sweatshops (except worse in my opinion), people will turn a blind eye for the status of name brand clothing, a purebred puppy, or wealth. After all, who cares about the sickness, death, and abuse going on behind the scenes as long as we don't have to see it ourselves.

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    I think they just want to believe what they did was okay. They may believe what we tell them about puppy mills and pet shops to some extent, but they don't want to believe that their puppy was from one.

    A friend of mine bought a pomeranian three years ago from a pet shop. That shop makes you go to their "special" vet at least within 30 days. If you don't and you go to your own, then their health guarantee is voided and if your puppy is sick, they won't care.

    Now her pom is 3 and she wants to breed it. She also won't listen to me about where her pom came from in the first place. She says I'm "making her feel bad", but she is still looking out for a stud dog....

    I honestly think people don't want to listen to the truth if it will meddle in what they want.

  • They are plain and simply just trying to convince there selfs that there right and there doing nothing wrong.

    They expect to hear what they want and if not will try to make it look as if where wrong and there is a solution to the problem and everything they have mentioned is correct.

    all they are,are self centered money hungry people,period.

    Good question by the way.


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    At the end of the day, does anyone really want to know where everything comes from?? that burger, that chicken patty, the sausage Mcmuffin. The important point is to take care of them once you have them, they are our best friends.

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