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Question about the best Rogue Class for me in WoW.?

well I just started playing WoW today and Rogues seems to be the Class I want to take.

I would like to know what is the best Rogue for PvP. is It Trolls or Orcs or Etc. can you also tell me what Item I should be getting and there addons stats.

Out of all Races what is the most coolest Rogue (on looks). Please I need some answers Thanks for those who care LoL

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    best race for pvp if ur goin for hordes then its undead for sure (WOTF)...if ur goin for alience then human they have higher diseption they can spot other rogues in miles which is realy good in arena to have the batter start...

    the coolest lookin for me is undead coz i have one :D but BE also look nice.

    i didt get the question about what item u should get?!!!

    Source(s): 70 UD rogue full T5 n S3
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