Is Obama just the man to re-unite the states that george bush has divided?

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    Alaska Natives and First Americans are choosing Obama. They are so fired up! They believe in him as a new beginning for America." A time when we can change the way Washington politics affects our lives so we as Americans feel like the government is by the people for the people. Barack is the only candidate that has showed support for the indigenous peoples of North America."

    "Retaining our sovereignty, and moving forward to better our people after many decades … is something that I believe Barack will help us achieve. Barack is an open-minded individual who is very driven, and is willing to go the distance to make sure that not only Native Americans, but all people have fair and equal opportunities in this country."

    "I am a Tlingit & Haida Indian. Our people have spent hundreds of years listening to politicians. Obama is a man of integrity and believes in giving respect. Alaska Natives and American Indians have the opportunity to unite behind a candidate who will respect us, honor our treaties and give us a voice in the White House. We deserve a president who can truly say he understands growing up a minority. I am honored to support him and ask you to join us in standing for a change and unite our country."

    I don't think I could have said it better.

    These people have felt disenfranchised forever. They believe he will be the unifier.

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    Whoever wins the election, millions will have voted for the other candidate. The whole "divided" and "united" thing is overblown. Bill Clinton won 43% of the vote in the 1992 election. Hardly a mandate. He didn't even get a majority. The last real landslide was Reagan's reelection in 1984, but that was primarily because the economy finally started taking off. I mean, Mondale, who was Carter's VP was running against him. That was quite a joke. There really is no answer to the question because we will be "divided" no matter who wins.

  • 4 years ago

    the united kingdom would not blindly help him, British troops have been already in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the hot Defence Secretary has reported that he needs the troops out of the two places speedier, and that Britain isn't a worldwide policeman. So it appears like the united kingdom is gearing as much as tell the U. S. what it may do with the "particular relationship".

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    We were very united after 9-11. The Democrats didn't like GW's popularity rating so they started attacking him. It cost Tom Dasclhe his job, but small price to pay. You can't even show pictures of 9-11 without trying to be "divisive". We can watch Pearl Harbor on TV, but not the twin towers because the Democrats do not want us united.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The man with no leadership experience whatsoever is going to unite a country of 300 million LOL

    Talk about folklore.

  • 1 decade ago

    Umm....he has already divided not only his own party but a nation as well. Does anyone really now believe he can unite the country?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes he is, I believe so. I just watched your video and I loved it. I don't know if Obama would love it so much though, I think he's feeling a bit overwhelmed right about now, who can blame him, I would be to. He's a good man and I pray to God in heaven, as I believe there is only one God, that Obama is our hope. But, I must confess, I only hope and pray that he's not a wolf dressed in sheeps clothing, but, I know McCain is a wolf. And Palin is blindly following him. She is naive, she actually believes what he says, I think that that is the reason why McCain picked her to be his running mate, because she is sincere, and I think that he knows that that is what the American people are looking for right now is sincerity. I think that's the reason he's having her speak, because he knows that the American people can see right through him.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    reunite us to what? Kenya, Russia?

    There was a poll done in russia for who they want as president.

    its 77% for obama, when asked why, 67% of the russians said they could do what they wanted then because they know obama would never take action upon them.

  • Sophie
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    1 decade ago

    George Bush didn't divide us. Liberals left the USA, we didn't leave them.

  • 1 decade ago

    uh huh......righttttttttt......

    NObama! Not now, not ever!

    And you can keep the change!

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