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More Russian Translation?

I need simple translations of a few words:




This would be really helpful thank you.

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    Chair--Stul (стул) pronounced like "stool"

    Pen--Rúchka (ручка)

    Table--Stol (стол) pronounced like "stole"

    The word Pero (accent on the -o) also exists for "pen", but I almost never heard it in all the time that I spent in Russia except in reference to a fountain pen. For ballpoint pens the word "ruchka" will do.

    Source(s): B.A. Russian and Spanish, including approx. 15 mo. in Russia as a foreign exchange student. Certificate in Translation Studies
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    Here are the translations in Cyrillic and transliteration.

    Chair = стул = stul (right! like English stool)

    Pen = ручка = RUCHka

    Table = стол = stol

    Hope that helps!

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