Where was the movie stand by me filmed?

What city and what state?

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    In 1985, Rob Reiner filmed portions of Stand By Me in Brownsville TX

    http://navy.memorieshop.com/Brownsville/Brownsvill... map

    1. The bridge into town (Main & Calapooia river)

    2. The treehouse (School Rd. between Butte & Westview)

    3. The “pie eating contest” (Pioneer Park)

    A tent was erected

    4. Gordie’s house (Fisher St.).

    White house with green trim

    5. Ace's Backyard (Seven Mile Lane & Hausman)

    1152 Linn Way, Seven Mile Lane is Linn Way

    6. The Blue Point Dinner (Main st.)

    Now Brownsville Saloon

    7. “Gun Scene” at rear of Blue Point Dinner

    8. “GoodBye Scene” (Park & Main)

    Many buildings shown in movie can

    be seen from this location.

    Railroad Scenes: Tracks and open rolling hills the boys

    covered on their search for the body were filmed on and

    around the Row River Railway near Cottage Grove, Oregon.

    The Junkyard: Located near Veneta, Oregon

    High Railroad Tressle: The McCloud River overcrossing

    near Mt. Shasta, California.

    Leech Infested Swamp: Dilly Lane-Pleasant Hill, Or.

    This location and the area where the body was found was filmed on the Coast Fork ofthe Willamette River in a wooded spot ¼ mile north of Hwy 58, five miles eastof I-5.

    The Swamp was a hole dug in the ground, lined with plastic and filled with water.

    The scene involving the Railroad Track was also filmedhere. The track was installed for the filming and has been removed.

    The game of chicken: Royal Ave. between Greenhill and FisherRd-Eugene, Or.

    Mailbox baseball: Huston St-Veneta, Or.

    Quidaciolu’s Market: 91979 Territorial Road-Franklin,Or.

    Vern’s house: Franklin Road-Franklin, Or.

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    Stand by Me is a 1986 American coming of age drama comedy film directed by Rob Reiner. Based on the novella The Body by Stephen King, the title is derived from the Ben E. King song of the same name, which plays over the end credits. The films tells the story of four boys who go on a hike across the countryside to find the missing body of a dead kid.

    Parts of the film were shot in Brownsville, Oregon, which stood in for the fictional town of Castle Rock. Scenes that include the mailbox baseball and the junkyard scenes were filmed in Veneta, Oregon. The junkyard is still in operation. The campout/standing-guard scene was filmed in Eugene, Oregon, just a few miles from Veneta. The general store is in Franklin, Oregon, just north of Veneta. Scenes along the railroad tracks were shot near Cottage Grove, Oregon, along the right-of-way of the Oregon, Pacific and Eastern Railway, now used as the Row River National Recreation Trail. The scene where the boys outrace a locomotive across a trestle was filmed at Lake Britton on the McCloud River Railroad, near McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, California.

    00:30 Blue Point Diner - 419 N. Main St. Brownsville, Or. 97327

    01:18 Verne House and Quidaciolu s General Store - Territorial Hwy. and Franklin Rd. Junction City, Or. 97448

    02:09 Gordie Lachance s house - 325 Fisher St. Brownsville, Or. 97327

    04:00 start of their journey - Jenkins Rd. and Layng Rd. Cottage Grove, Or. 97424 (Row River Trail)

    05:19 Rail road trail behind Lake Britton Bridge,Shasta County, California (41.0218°N 121.6753°W)

    06:12 Ace Merrill s house - 1152 Linn Way Brownsville, Or. 97327

    06:21 walk along the railroad by the Dorena lake - 36131 Row River Road, Oregon, United States

    07:10 Lake Britton Bridge,Shasta County, California (41.0218°N 121.6753°W)

    10:50 dead body : Willamette River in a wooded spot ¼ mile north of Hwy 58, five miles eastof I-5.

    11:50 The bridge into town (Main & Calapooia river)

    12:03 "GoodBye Scene" (Park & Main)

    13:05 The treehouse (School Rd. between Butte & Westview)

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    It was filmed at various locations around the state of Oregon, mostly. IMDB lists all the exact locations:


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