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It started out as one of those teen checking accounts. When I turned 18, it became an account that I could also control what goes in and comes out. My parents are still joint on the account and have complete access to my funds and know where/when I spend them. My question is, how the hell do I get my parents off the account? Because I am an adult, I should have every right to privatize my own finances, right? Thanks for any help out there...

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    Most places don’t allow you to “remove” a joint owner on an account because of liability issues. Additionally, USAA has “memberships” that also complicate liability issues. Your best option, and one they will probably recommend is to open a new account in just your name. You can do this if you qualify for membership on your own. USAA is awesome about making these typically complicated process easy. They have online account opening, or you can simply call them. Then you can have your own account with no access by others. Just be sure not to open a new account under the same member number otherwise your parents will have access to it as well. There Four Star Checking should be free.

    Are You Eligible

    USAA membership is a privilege earned by those in uniform — and it's a privilege that can be handed down to their children. Those eligible to join the association include:

     Active duty officers and enlisted military personnel.

     Former spouses and adult children of USAA members.

     National Guard and Selected Reserve officers and enlisted personnel.

     Officer candidates in commissioning programs (Academy, ROTC, OCS/OTS).

     Former military personnel:

     Retired officers and enlisted personnel.

     Former officers and enlisted personnel who separated on or after 01/01/1996.

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    I don't believe it would be possible for any bank to let you access "as soon as" you open an account. It does need some time to process your application. Now-a-days most banks offer on-line account opening service e.g. Bank of America, Wachovia, etc.

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    Never thought about it too much

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