I finished breaking dawn and it was 'OMG AMAZING!!'!!! why does everyone say they didn't like it?*SPOILERS*?

I thought breaking dawn was the best book in the series. Stephenie finished the series perfectly! I thought it was great how Bella had a child and now she's a mother and everything.

I heard some people didn't like it because she had a child and i guess vampires can't have children (even though it never said that in any of the books). Another reason I heard is because the characters "changed". Of course they're going to change! Bella is a vampire now for goodness sake and she has a daughter!

Really I don't understand how anyone could not like the book and go so far as to BURNING it! Can someone please explain to me why they didn't like the book? (Or if you agree with me about liking the book.)


thank you so much! i loved to see everyone's opinion and their side of the story. i just wanted to see why people did or did not like breaking dawn. It was nice to understand where everyone was coming from. i think i have a better understanding now and i'm sorry if it seemed like i freaked out. i really didn't i just wanted to know because to me i thought it was amazing but i believe everyone is entitled to their own option and i just wanted to make sense of why people didnt like it. sorry if that was a little confusing. thank you :D

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    I hated it.

    There wasn't a plot. The first half of the book was just about Bella being pregnant, and the last half is the build up to the famous fight scene that never happened. It was stupid.

    The characters acted out of character. Characters can change; it's what character development is for. Characters SHOULD change throughout the course of a novel. In this book, there wasn't sufficient enough character development to warrant such changes in the characters. You can't change characters unless they have character development; there wasn't character development in this book. Smeyer changed the characters to fit the plot instead of staying with the world she had created. Originally it was just Twilight and Breaking Dawn, but her editors made her write New Moon and Eclipse. If NM and Eclipse didn't exist, BD would fit better with the story. But the thing is, they *do* exist. Smeyer developed new plot points in those two books that hadn't been part of the "original picture", so the "original picture" changed. A skilled author would have recognized that the plot of BD didn't fit well enough with the rest of the series. They would recognize that their series had taken them to a point where the original ending wasn't practical. Instead, Smeyer stuck with the ending that no longer fit and changed her characters as a result.

    The writing, as usual, was awful. You would think Smeyer would get better with time, but she's had almost no improvement.

    The ending was anti-climatic. You can't spend 300 pages leading up to a massive fight scene only to not have it happen.

    There were numerous plot holes. Nessie, the chromosomes, Alice's visions, the imprinting, etc. There are too many to type out here. "It is no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction-- Fiction, after all, has to make sense".-- Mark Twain. This book made no sense.

    Jake's ending was morally twisted and disgusting. If it's wrong in real life, it should be wrong in a book, regardless of whether or not the book is fiction. What is wrong is wrong, even if it is a book. If you have to rationalize the actions of characters in a book, and you find yourself rationalizing things you *know* are wrong, the author has sent a bad message. In real life, raising a child then becoming romantically involved with it when it is older is NOT right. Therefore, it is not right in a book, regardless of whether or not it is fiction.

    Jake's imprinting was also the pansy way out of the Bella/Jake conflict. Smeyer stressed the Bella/Jake relationship in NM and Eclipse, then solved it in ONE page in Breaking Dawn. That doesn't do justice to their relationship, and it's also the easy way out of the conflict SHE set up. Instead of having Jake imprint, she should have had him end up alone or dead (IMO). If not, she should have had him end up with Leah. That is much more practical than Nessie. Jake's character was absolutely slaughtered in this book as well; in the other three books, he had a personality that permeated the books. He had actual hopes and dreams and goals. He was her ONE strong character, but he lost his personality as soon as he imprinted. He became another cardboard character.

    It was too "fairy tale". Bella, being the Mary Sue she is, didn't have to sacrifice anything, as we were lead to believe she would have to, simply because she is herself. She got Edward, Jake, Charlie, a baby, a family, and a nice little cottage without having to give up anything in return. No one dies, Jake ends up "in love" with someone, and Bella basically gets everything she wants. It was too gratifying-- too much of a tea party.

    I'm revolted by Smeyer's female characters. Leah is convinced she'll end up alone in life because she can't have kids?! What the hell?! Doesn't SMeyer know that there are people in the world who DON'T want kids? I'm sure Leah could find someone! Bella is married at 18, has a kid at 18, and lives in a nice little cottage in the woods. Does the girl have no ambition in life?!

    Smeyer introduced too many new characters. I'm an avid reader and books generally don't confuse me, but even I was having a hard time keeping up with everyone.

    BD lacked focus. Some parts dragged on forever but other parts moved too slowly. I got so bored by the middle of the book that I had to put it down and go do something else for awhile; I just couldn't concentrate on what I was reading (and you have to understand that NEVER happens. I can sit down with a book by Faulker, Hawthorne, George Eliot, Jane Austen, or the Brontes and not put it down all day because it engrosses me. The fact that Smeyer couldn't hold my attention really says something about the book to me).

    I understand that the book is fiction, but some things were just *too* unbelievable. In fiction, things either need to be explained away by magic OR they have to be in accordance with rules previously established in the series. If neither is true of the event, the event must make sense by *our* world's standards. Smeyer stated before the release of BD that vampires couldn't have children; that implies that vampires are not able to create children. Nessie makes no sense by magic or the rules previously established. Therefore, she must make sense by our world's standards. She doesn't, because her parents have differing numbers of chromosomes. It may be fiction, but Nessie is beyond the point of *believable* fiction.

    The entire book is one giant cop out.

    Source(s): I didn't dislike it just because of the ending. I hated the ENTIRE thing. I liked it okay up until the end of the wedding-- once they hit Isle Esme, everything went downhill. I had no expectations for the book, so I went in with a fairly open mind. I was disappointed by the entire book, not just the ending. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't burn it. I did return it, though.
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    lol. I thought the same thing, I thought it was an awesome ending, and couldn't have ended better, it was everything I wanted and 10 times more than I expected. I loved everything that happened, and I think that other fans should respect Stephenie's work, she put 150% of herself into these, she made how it was suppose to be, and it should be.

    I loved how all of the characters changed, Nessie was awesome. And she just added bonus points to the Bella and Edward relationship. (im nicknamed Nessie in my group of friends). I liked everything about it, and it was beautiful. Excellent ending. Excellent book.

    btw- WHY WOULD SOMEONE EVER BURN BREAKINg DAWN!! what the heck! that IS CRAZY!!! i can't believe anyone would ever do that! that is total disrespect and horrible! and really sad because burning a twilight book is like... burning the Bible...that's horrible!

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    It wasn't bad... I actually really enjoyed it, but it WAS the worst book in the series, and not Stephanie Meyer's best work.

    A lot of people really were too excited for the book, they expected SOOO much more. I think the book could have been A LOT better now that I think of it. If you really think about the previous books you'll realize this too.

    I enjoyed breaking dawn but I felt like it was just a 700 page conclusion to the series, yeah a lot of different exciting things happened... but it wasn't anything as exciting as how things were described in the previous books.

    It was good, but not great, everyone had higher expectations, it wasn't her best work.

    That's why people don't like it.

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    the characters acted terribly unlike them selves

    edward wanted jacob to have sex with his wife!

    jacob imprinted on a baby, bellas baby!!!

    the whole thing built up to a fight that falls through

    im agreeing with why so serious, completely. Ok i stood in line for that book at midnight, and i was flabergasted like is this book a joke? i was really disapointed but like any good fan im going to sit down and try reading it again maybe get a better understanding. But edward seemed like a minor character, none of the characters acted like themselves. And when bellla became a vampire it was like ok lets just call it happily ever after right then and there and shut the book

    its not that they changed no one expected the characters to be the exact same its just like the werent themselves they did things that they shouldnt have done throwing their morals out the window, the sex scene was immature. there was no plot! i fell asleep halfway through all the other books i couldnt put down this one lacked the excitement, i dont care that she had a baby like some people do. im glad they found a way around that. its just they all hate this thing hurting her then its born and theyre like renesme!!! yaya and jacobs like omg im in love.

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    My opinion is as follows:

    I didn't like the message of the book that teen pregnancy can give you everything you could ever want. Like Bella had gotten. It was too fairy tale and too much of a sell out that it left a bad taste in your mouth. I have to agree with Epiphany as well... on everything.

    to regards to the "People didn't like how it ended" or "It didn't end the way they wanted"

    Its not that, its just the fact that the ending and points of the book were way too strange and way too unrealistic.

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    i didnt like the book because i didnt feel like it was a natural progression for edward and bella to have a child. of course they r going to grow up and change but i felt like they were compeltly different people.

    if breaking dawn was a stand alone novel it might have seemed better but compared to the other books it was defiantly on the lower end of the scale for me.

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    I liked Breaking Dawn but I have to say it wasn't my favorite. I personally loved New Moon... I consider that book the best of the whole series!

  • I didn't really like it because the characters all took on new personalities (like the nicknames "Jazz" and "Em" appearing out of nowhere). Nothing exciting happened when the Volturi finally came to town. Bella is weird in this one and nothing bad ever happens to her, ever. The whole concept of Nessie was a bit odd, too.

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    I LOVED IT!!! It wasnt my favourite outta the series, I like Eclispe the best. It was still better than any other series ender out there. I love how Bellas a mother, and gets to experience that kind of love. And how Jake stops loving her, and how everyone gets their love partner i nthe end. It was a beautiful story.

    Source(s): xoxo
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    I have to say, I was disappointed. Maybe my expectations were to high, but it's not my favorite :(

    The thing with Nessie just wasn't me.

    And then, she leads you up to a huge fight, when you realize, "oh. there's not gonna be a fight, eh?"

    I'm not going to go psycho and BURN it though! I mean, come on! It's part of the Twilight series! How could you burn it? :)

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