IPCONFIG - doesn't display any IP information?

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I recently reformatted my hard disk and reinstalled windows using the recoverable CD provided by Dell. I am unable to connect to Internet. When I type ipconfig on command prompt all ...show more
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First you need to load the drivers from the driver disk so the pc can see the NIC.

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Thanks everyone for the answers. I don't have the required disk from Dell so I downloaded the drivers from support.dell.com. I entered the service tag of my Dell PC on the option 'I am looking for drivers and downloads' and it provided all the required drivers.
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  • Colanth answered 6 years ago
    Make sure that the driver for your internet adapter - ethernet or wireless, whichever one you're using - got installed, and that the connection itself - in Windows - is enabled.
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  • Techman2 answered 6 years ago
    you have to install the drivers for your nic


    go to support.dell.com
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  • i cant feel my face answered 6 years ago
    does it display like this
    and soo on

    if it does that means ur not ethenet is not connected to ur comp
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  • Neil R answered 6 years ago
    verify that your nic drivers are installed and that a connection to the internet is connected (wireless or wired).
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  • MAMA answered 6 years ago
    install the drivers of you NIC.go to dell site get the drivers and install them then try ipconfig command
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  • Stephen H answered 6 years ago
    Open Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Device Manager and see if the network card driver for your ethernet or wireless card is installed. If it is not installed, you may find some ethernet adapters with a "?" icon on them. If this is the case, you need to find the driver for it, or download it from a computer that has internet (can probably get it from Dell.com (or possibly it is on one of your recovery CDs) if it is built in and you are on a Dell Computer). If it is from an add-on card, get it from that manufacturer via their CD or website. Once you have the driver, expand it to a directory on your hard disk, right click on the adapter with the "?" icon, and choose "update driver". Select the folder in which you extracted it to. There are also some drivers that use their own installers instead of the "Update Driver" method in which when you copy or extract the drivers, look for a file named setup.exe or Install.exe (other names are also possible) in the directory you installed the drivers to and run it. Once you install the driver, this should allow IPConfig to work again.

    If the driver was in fact installed, open the "Network Connections" control panel and make sure that the adapter you are trying to use is enabled (not grayed out). If it is disabled, then right click it and enable it.

    The third possible cause of IPConfig not working, is that the adapter you are trying to use does not have the TCP/IP protocol installed on it. To do this, go into the "Network Connections" Control panel, right click the adapter your are trying to use and click on "properties". Make sure the TCP/IP protocol is installed on it, and if it is not, add it.

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  • Matt M answered 6 years ago
    Dell is notorious for using proprietary drivers...you need to either find the driver disc (usually a blue Dell CD) or download the drivers from http://support.dell.com

    I'm guessing you probably don't have the drivers for many other things too - and haven't found out yet...like advanced features of your touchpad, video-card, etc.
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