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i need a camera that can do all of this:?

here is what i need out of a camcorder. all the stuff i dont care for will be left out of this list. i dont mind if you refer me a pro level camcorder but do prefer the affordability of consumer level.

#1: really good low light capture

#2: super optical image stabilization

#3: surround sound or stereo recording or the ability to add a microphone that can accommodate such sound recording

#4: high definition capture

#5: wide angle lens for the panorama shots of the hills haha

#6: a good zoom range. anywhere from 12x and up

#7: preferably DV format recording cause i hear that hard drives can fail in certain conditions.

#8: preferably an easy way to transfer info from the camera to my computer. like with a USB maybe.

#9: the ability to go in for a super close up or have a lens accessory that would allow that. for taking shots of bugs and very small animals. this one is not a MUST.

#10: the ability to switch in and out of HD and SD. this one is not a MUST.

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    You did not state your budget, but based on your earlier question, you are out of the consumer camcorder section and into the prosumer or pro-grade section.

    Quantify #1. "Really good" to you can be really bad or acceptable or really good to someone else.

    Drop #2 from your list. NEVER shoot video just being handheld. ALWAYS use some sort of external stabiliztion. This might be your shoulder or a SpiderBrace or a monopod or a tripod or a GlideCam and Vest set-up or camera crane/jib or a table or a chair. But NEVER only handheld. The optical stabilization included with pro-grade cameras is pretty similar across the manufacturers. This is "table stakes".

    Drop #3. To the best of my knowledge, no pro-grade camcorder will capture "surround sound". In Hollywood, even the audio systems they use on set don't capture surround sound. At best, they capture stereo. The surround audio is added in post-production. Keep in mind that the film cameras they use do not capture audio at all - the audio is captured externally.

    Drop #4. This is redundant to #10.

    Drop #5 and #6. All pro-grade camcorders can add lenses to the existing opticals. Again, this is table stakes in the pro world.

    Drop #7. DV/HDV, DVCAM/HDCAM and DVCPRO/DVCPRO-HD are the formats. Table stakes.

    Drop #8. All pro grade miniDV tape based camcorders recording DV/HDV use firwire to transfer video. Firewire, IEEE1394a and i.LINK are all the same thing. Use a firewire cable to connect the DV port of the camcorder to the firewire 400 port of your computer. If your computer does not have a firewire 400 port, hopefully it has an expansion slot so you can add one. Heads up: HDV will use about 44 gig of hard drive space on your computer for every hour of imported video. USB transfer does not exist.

    Drop #9 for the same reason #5 and 6 were dropped - In this case, add a telemacro lens.

    Drop #10. For the most part, this is already possible on all pro high definition gear - but you do not want to switch in the middle of the tape - or back and forth on a single tape. The video editor will freak out and it will be a challenge importing the video. The editor will be looking for an HDV digital stream and if DV shows up, it will not be recognized by the editor.

    Starting at the low-end and working up within manufacturer...

    Sony DV/HDV: HVR-V1U, Z5U, Z1U, Z7U

    Sony HDW series (uses a special format storage media)

    Sony PMWEX series (records to memory cards)

    Canon XH series, Canon XLH series

    Panasonic AG-HPX170, HVX200 series, AJ-SPX800, AG-HPX500, AJ-HPX2000, 3000. All use P2 cards. Transfer is easiest when the P2 card can be inserted into a computer with a PCMCIA slot for file transfer. Also have a tape drive. Not enough history on the AVCAM line, yet.

    You are missing microphones (stereo shotgun like those from Sennheiser or Audio Technica; portable base station lavalier like those from Sennheiser), lighting, power (either multiple high capacity batteries or external battery packs like those from Bescor or NRG Research); LANC (VariZoom); Cases (Pelican or SKB); boom pole, wind zeppelin, shock mount, tripod and other stabilizing devices...

    And there's a lot more... but this should get you started.

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