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Which do you dislike more: the candidate you're against, or what he stands for?

Be honest.

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    I am an Obama supporter, mostly because of his position on the war in Iraq and also because I am very socially liberal, as well as pro-choice and a supporter of stem cell research.

    Obviously McCain's views are very different from Obama's. I do not think McCain is a bad guy. I think he believes mostly in what he has told us he stands for- especially the war. I think he has changed some of his stances in order to get elected, but I bet most people do that to some degree.

    It's hard to not dislike him a little bit. No, he is not a bad guy, but he stands for some many things I do not. Why a 72 yr old man (or anyone for that matter) should be in charge of my womb is beyond me. And the aspect makes me angry. Same with Palin. In her belief, if I got raped walking down the street tomorrow, I should have the child. What a horrible, horrible thing to have happen, and then have to have a child? No matter my views or my life at the moment? How horrible. How horrible for someone else to make that decision. And yes, that makes me angry.

    Do I think McCain and Palin are bad people? No. I think they sincerely want what is best for this country. I just don't happen to think what THEY want, would be the best.

    Yes, I do end up disliking them at least a little bit- due to the fact that I HATE what they stand for.

    Sorry so long. :)

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    I've seen McCain on The Daily Show several times. He can be very funny (though that giggle is annoying).

    When Jon had, earlier in the show, been making fun of Senator "The Internet is not a dump truck; it's a series of tubes" Stevens, he had McCain come out. His first question was "Don't you ever want to take him aside and say [stage whisper] 'The Internet isn't REALLY a series of tubes.'"

    Without missing a beat, McCain shot back "I wouldn't want to disillusion him."

    I though that was a perfect line.

    But that he has a sense of humor isn't at all the point. He also has an uncontrolable temper, a passionate desire to murder everyone in Iran, and an equally passionate love of big oil; his personality just isn't relevant.

    It's not about personal like or dislike; it's what he's going to do in office.

    Stop the nightmare: Vote Obama and give him a Democratic Congress!

  • barff
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  • Calvin
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    I actually dislike the candidate I am inclined to more than the other guy at the moment (support due to particular issues). As far as the opposition....I dislike particular stands they take...but do not dislike what the stand for generally per say...or them personally.

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    what he stands for. I hate All the crap with people digging up dirt on candidates, especially Palin's criticisms of Obama, I mean her family is pretty skrewed up right there! I think it is o.k if the stuff they talk about actually could help a better man be president, but all this crap is just holding up the real problems in the world.

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    I dislike the Candidate for what he stands for.

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    It's the republicans - the party of the BIG LIE. We used to be republicans back when there was some honor in the party.

    But since they dragged in the religion - and the very worst form of religion too - trailer-trash christianity - they've become the party of intolerance and absolutely outrageous lies. As soon as you thought you've heard their most disgusting and UnAmerican lie, they come up with a worse one!

    I'd vote for anybody other than a republican - half of these people need ot be in jail. But the way Bush has set up the country now, it's going to be them putting the rest of us in jail.

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    I dislike what he stands for. I cannot support communisim or someone who wants to take away my second ammendment rights or that thinks partial birth abortion is just fine. I think obama is a fine man but is not someone to be put in office.

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    What he stands for. I have alot of respect for McCains service to our country but I do not think that his views will lead our country in a positive direction.

  • Derek
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    I dislike the people who attack candidates instead of debating issues.

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