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IM ready for a bf but my dad says NOO???!!?

ok so im 15 and im ready to date but my dad said not till 16 but idk y wat should i do help??

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    my mom was like that too.

    I went behind her back and had my first boyfriend in like,

    fifth grade,

    but I wouldnt suggest that.

    having a relationship your parent(s) don't know about

    is very hard to keep secret.

    your dad is just being a dad,

    and I'm sure he thinks your his little girl.

    how I got my mom to allow me to date

    before I turned sixteen

    was that I sat her down

    and told her how this boy

    had asked me out and how

    I reaaaally liked him.

    I told her I would keep my grades up

    and not let the whole "boyfriend" get to my head.

    I would keep my priorities straight.

    and I proved it to her.

    we broke up three months later,

    and he wasnt my first boyfriend

    or first kiss,

    but it was still very nice

    not having to go behind my mom's back.

    now I am dating a very very nice boy

    whom I started dating at fifteen,

    and now I'm sixteen.

    ( we've been dating for fifteen months (: )

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    Fathers tend to be overly protective of their daughters. It's some kind of built in men must protect women thing I guess. You don't have to actually date someone to go out with them. Try going out with several friends and calling it a group or double date. Then when you turn 16 you can go on the single dates. Also you could go out as a group and single off for a little while as long as you do it in a safe way that wont get you into trouble. That way you can get some alone time with the boy you like but to your dad you technically aren't dating. Your dad just wants to make sure you are safe. He's not trying to give you a hard time.

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    I'm a dad

    first off good job for so far respecting your dads rules.

    as a parent there is no real set time for this. whats the diff between 15 and 16, we don't know as a parent we just need to have a guidline/point to give. Show your dear old man that you are mature enough to date. Sit down with him and have an adult conversation with him. Tell him, calmly and rationally, why you think you should be allowed to date. Point out what you think his concerns are and have a plan of what you would do if one of his concerns where to become. you might be surprised if you do your homework and be adult about it. you may be dating sooner than he said.

    My point, PROVE YOU CAN HANDLE AN ADULT SITUATION, such as dating.

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    Your Dad Just Wants Whats Best For You.You Should Wait Until Your About 18 I Know Its Hard But Its Not Impasibal

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    Hang in there! I know that it may seem a long time to wait, but you have the rest of your life to date. right now focus on school, friends, and family. talk to your parents, you may be able to go to school activities like homecoming with a date. Just a heads up, dating is not what its cracked up to be! Right now the most important thing for you should be school, since that will help you determine your career. Don't rush anything, be a kid as long as you can!

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    My father is 80 years old . He is not wealthy beyond belief . He does not have degrees coming out of his ears. However he is the most intelligent, kind and gentle man I know . I am 45 years old. yeah I know ... ancient I'm going through a divorce and I have 3 kids. My Dad is still the most intelligent , kind and supportive man that I know. If your Dad says no then he is simpy sharing with you the wealth of his intelligence and kindness and protection. I hope you will respect him the way I respect my father . best wishes and good luck.

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    if dad wont let you date the don't date, it will prevent you from having problems at home besides boys at your age are a waste of time will only distract you from school and only want one thing YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS....

    and even if you say oh no hes not like that YES HE IS LIKE THAT, boys especially teenagers are going through physical changes in their bodies and want their urges to be meet. finish high school get yourself into a good college you'll ready to date once you know where you want to go in life

    Source(s): started dating at 16 things didnt go the way i had planned my life to be cause i thought i was "IN LOVE"
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    You should respect the rules your father has set. No one said you have to like it. All he asks is that you obey. He keeps you clothed and fed and gives you a place to live so this is a pretty fair trade - and a really sweet deal for you. Assuming you didn't just turn 15 this morning, you have less than a year to wait. You can make it.

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    At your age boys are alot less mature and love is a very tough thing that can be good but also have its down side too. Watch out who you date though because some men are only in it for themselves.

    but I would wait the extra time and let yourself grow up a little.

    no sense in rushing things.

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    Well, you should do what the father says and wait a year. But I have to admit...I was pretty bad. I never told my parents anything. I just told them that I was hanging out with friends and I gave names and of course a place. You just don't want to lose respect for your father. Just do whatever you feel but don't get caught..

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