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How many golfers legitimately break 100?

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    Nearly a year ago, I answered this question and attached a link to the National Golf Foundation. That site is now under construction but I've linked the original question at the bottom. Meanwhile, here's my original answer (with a couple of useless sentences removed):

    The National Golf Foundation [NGF] is the leading resource for the info you want. In a report released in 2005 (most recently published), the average score of an adult amateur golfer was 98.3 (by gender: MEN-96.4, WOMEN-108.1).

    To answer your question specifically, the NGF breaks down the scores as such:

    <80: 5.0% of golfers

    80-89: 19.7%

    90-99: 27.2%

    100-119: 32.8%

    >119: 15.3%

    Therefore, the percentage of golfers that scores less than 100 is 51.9. Moreover, the NGF makes the assumption that all golfers are playing by the rules so there is an inherent flaw in the stats anyway. We'd all love to think that no one submits a score when a rule has been breached, especially knowingly, but it is what it is. I just want to emphasize that the NGF is reputable but the numbers are only as legit as the golfers that submit them. By no means do I endorse these numbers to be absolutes. Nor should anyone else.

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    How many golfers legitimately break 100?

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    It's actually 90%! cannot break 100 ON A REGULAR BASIS AND PLAYING BY THE RULES! And this is the worlds golfers (to be considered a golfer you have to play at least 6 rounds per year)

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    Breaking 100 Golf

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    The previous guy said about 20%. Even that's being charitable. Where I regularly play, there are about 45,000 rounds played in a year. The club pro estimates maybe 10% break 100.

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    eighty percent of golfers don't break 100 on a regular basis

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    I read somewhere a while back the average score for a weekend golfer is 110. I do not have a regular foursome. I believe it to be true.

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