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Who will be the surprise team out of the West this year?

We all know Lakers, Rockets, suns, Jazz and Hornets are good teams, but who has the best chance?

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    Im telling you do not sleep on the T-Wolves for a possible 8th seed. I think they will be the 08' Blazers for the 09' season. I think that they will have a better chance at the playoffs and be a better team then the Blazers this year.

    Finally, the dim wit in McHale pulled off nice moves. The Wolves are very young and talented...

    Pg. Sebastian Telfair - Is a good passer; has speed; can shoot to an extent.

    Sg. Randy Foye - Looks like a good player; may have a Brandon Roy breakout year this year.

    Sf. Mike Miller - A sharpshooter; heck of an acquisition, can rebound well too.

    Pf. Ryan Gomes - Good player, Can score with ease he had a 40 pt game this year

    C. Al Jefferson - Is no and will never be KG but he is an up and coming All-star

    6. Kevin Love - Great big man jump shooter; ROY Candidate

    7. Rashad McCants - Finally a good year out of him, guy can score

    8.) Corey Brewer - Can do a little bit of everything

    9.) Craig Smith - A rebounding monster; can score some too

    10.) Kirk Snyder - When he is away from the many SF in Houston he plays well; he can ball.

    11.) Rodney Carney - Good young player the 76ers lost a better assett than what they acquired through fa in his replacemnt in Donyell Marshall.

    12.) Jason Collins - Not that good but is a body and plays very good d


    Michael Doleac Has somewhat of a jumphot

    Brian Cradinal - Has somewhat of midrange game

    Calvin Booth - A body

    Chris Richard - A young body

    Mark Madsen - ehhh

    * Also the best thing about getting Miller is that it frees Minnesota from the heavy contracts of chuckup artist Antoine Walker, 2nd string pg/sg in Marko Jaric, and the aging Greg Buckner. And the players they acquired in Calvin Booth via FA, Jason Collins and Brian Cardinal via the Memphis trade have limited salary protection. So, they can be easily bought out along w/ Mark Madsen and Mike Doleac's limited salary protection freeing up even more money making it able to add another super-star talent in the mix.

    They are missing a good coach and Jeff Van Gundy and Avery Johnson are 2 very good coaches that took their teams to the Finals. Jeff Van Gundy was rumored in the Knicks coaching job but didnt get it and Avery Johnson Im sure doesnt want to end his coaching career. It will be a good challenge for either one of these coaches to lead this young talnted team to the playoffs.

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    EAST maximum Suprising: Miami warmth- come on now, with that roster and a rookie coach who theory that they had be over .500 and greater valuable than the likes of the Raptors, Nets, Bulls, and Wizards. maximum Disappointing: TIE Toronto Raptors- with the addition of Jermaine O'Neal you will possibly think of that they had be interior the acceptable 5 interior the East applicable now. they are slowly coming around now. Washington Wizards- a consistent playoff team (granted they have been without Arenas, yet interior the susceptible East they must'nt be this undesirable) now at 7-28 equalling a .2 hundred win pct. Ouch. WEST maximum Suprising: Denver Nuggets- after the Iverson commerce, Melo out...they nevertheless are acceptable 5 beforehand of the likes of the Suns, Mavs, Rockets, and Blazers. Will it final? so some distance it has. maximum Disappointing: Golden State Warriors- I ought to bypass with them via fact the West is so solid that there truly are not that many disappointing communities that suprise all and sundry. This team must be greater valuable than 10-27. They went from flirting with the playoffs to lottery contenders. basically a remember of time till now Don Nelson walks and this team is back to the place it replaced into 5 years in the past except they could applicable the deliver.

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    I'd say the Mavericks have a good shot at surprising some people. They've been rock solid for years and the team hasn't changed all that much. With Jason Kidd being better adjusted to his new teammates, and a new coach working his magic, I think the roles of certain players like Stackhouse and Terry will change significantly, and allow them to do much better than what last years team accomplished. People are questioning whether they will even make the playoffs. They are absolutely a playoff team! And a great possibility to surprise some people in the regular season and in the playoffs.

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    Suns is under the radar.







    Surprise team-Portland TrailBlazers

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  • They're not much of a surprise team but Portland is going to do good things. A healthy Oden..Brandon Roy is solid..they're getting Rudy Fernandez to basically be their 6th man. If the Trail Blazers can stay healthy they've got a great chance to do some big time damage in the West.

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    Portland. With Oden healthy and Brandon Roy playing at an All Star level, the Blazers are ready to take a big step up.

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    I personally think the clippers will.

    They have kamen who has prove that he is ther #3 man during the olmypics, and now they marcus camby that guy should be a allstar with the 1 on 1 defense he has and then theres baron davis enough said...

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    I think the Warriors can surprise everyone by making the playoff if they mesh well, and play at an extreme high level all season long.

    Source(s): MC
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  • 1 decade ago

    The suns will come out of west

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  • 1 decade ago

    You wanna listen to someone say... the Lakers, right.???

    But I guarantee you that anyone who uses his brain will never say that.

    Thanks for the 2 points.!!!!!


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