What if the U.S. declared war on Russia and Venezuela what are you're thoughts?

would their allies have the balls to back them up or call Russia rogue in its actions, how would china react....join the U.S. and take Russia or secure their borders by helping Russia, Will the U.S. technologically advance to stay better than everyone else? I want your images of the new world!


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Update 2:

herkkk, although you have a legitimate point of view,do you you really think so? U.S.A is the only country with a missile defense and laser interceptors, i believe technology will have a major impact, as for NATO's wish not to participate that may have been true in the past however the presidents of those country's are not so black and white anymore and will most likely decide it is not in their best interest to defy the U.S. call to war, and as you have stated the U.S. is in a recession anyone remember ww2 and ill tell you there will be no battleground in America so what youre implying is it will hurt America however with no collateral damage America will use this war to turn massive profits and rise from the ashes once again as we always do. (thats my view anyways) Thanks for all your answers KEEP EM COMING!

Update 3:

Jeffrey,Although your point is iron clad like i said is that what you really believe will happen, the attack on Russia will not be foolhardy because even if Russia continues its tactics of coward to burn down all the cities, America will just start taking the Oil and trust me thats more than enough for America to come out with a profit even if it loses, About the brigades and soldiers, Not even close the military has over 1,500,000 active troops with only about 60,00 tied up in iraq and they will back out for a real war with Russia. What people dont seem to take into account here is that by the time Russia would launch its nukes it would be to late and be in intercept range before even taking off, America would obviously control air superiority, taking all this into accounts Russia is weak and even if it didnt declare the war The U.S. is seen as a bully and is ready to swing a big stick and not many would interfere, NATO would easily be persuaded to start propaganda and fight alongsid

Update 4:

alongside the U.S. and rise from the ashes was a reference to the recession, Although Einstein's quote may have been true 10-15 years ago alot has changed and it wouldn't be just MAD one will win and one will lose and obviously if it just U.S. vs Russia the U.S. would win hands down however its not this would either be directly or indirectly WWIII,

However we all know that the U.S. is the only superpower remaining however we could not fight a front on all lines we would surely lose, however this is all depending on who takes sides with who and i dont forsee people taking sides with the obvious underdog that stands no chance, and unless most major countries agree to fight America they will all be to scared for their own to think if their neighbor will be friend or foe its quite another advantage fro the U.S. a bit of psychological warfare, to keep everyone off our backs.

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  • herkk
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    1 decade ago
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    A definitive WW3, China most certainly will help Russia among many other countries, in the Middle East & Latin America.

    I seriously doubt any US ally has any intentions of doing America's bidding. Yes if it was definitely provoked by Russia, that Russia is the aggressor, and if it can not be solved diplomatically. Other than that NATO has no interest in America's imperial quest. NATO will simply disintegrate as their countries will simply refuse to fight.

    Venezuela is another game, a lesson for US. It is US that is trying to provoke another cold war, when their is no need. It is US that is trying to encircle Russia, armed and trained Georgia, trying to put a defense shield in Poland, it is US that is trying to control Eurasia, it is US that is trying to control 'Caspian OIL'. When their simply is no need. Russia is simply making it certain that Russia will protect its interests any means necessary.

    Hence the military exercises with Venezuela, Latin American countries are increasingly anti-American, Ecuador has told US to leave it's bases last in the region. These countries will certainly support Russia or at most remain neutral.

    You also have to consider economics, US economy is in recession, weak dollar, highest deficit in history, the cost of Iraq war over half a trillion and now being paid for by borrowing money from China. So money for a new war or another cold war is going to come from . . . ?? Fact is one more war like Iraq would mean death sentence for US economy!

    Technology will have no major impact, yes it might give some advantage but that's it, most important is where is the capital going to come from. Russia has also stepped up their investments in defense, China has advance technology. They have a larger military, regional advantage, more leverage, better support around the world. So it will simply be a war no one would win. Keep in mind Russians have capabilities to attack US.

    "By declaring the Caucasus, a region that is thousands of miles from the American continent, a sphere of its 'national interest,' the United States made a serious blunder."

    ~ (Mikhail Gorbachev)

    Putin Interview CNN:






    US is not the only country with the missile defense, Russians in many ways are a lot better. Then it is a matter of threat not just a defense for Russia. Iranian missiles can't even reach Poland, so it is most certainly against Russia aggravating the situation.

    No US world view is 'Black and White', which was very apparent during the recent conflict. Bush was only big talk back home, US and Bush literally have no influence over Russia and EU. Like Italian foreign minister said, there will be no anti-Moscow coalition. There is no doubt if it is for American imperial quest or for American Empire, they will have no part. When Bush asked Georgia and Ukraine to be admitted into NATO, 10 countries immediately refused.

    Their population simply wouln't back US in such scenario. It was only in US people were in a fantasy land, that Russia is the aggressor. Everywhere around the world it was clear it was Georgia backed by US that attacked South Ossettia, their public opinion was unanimous, backed up with 'US hypocrisy'. When Bush said, "“Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century”. He became the laughing stock combined with echos of US hypocrisy. So don't be in a notion that NATO will blindly back US.

    America will face a lot of collateral damage, Russians and Chinese have weapons that can penetrate US defense. That said they will have backing in Latin America and hence bases in their. You have no idea what state the US economy is in. I seriously suggest you look into it. Just last month a Republican senator said US economy is heading for bankrupts. US definite is near $10 Trillion highest in history. Then it is common sense if US is borrowing money from China to pay for the Iraq war, where is the money for the next war going to come from???

    It is TIME to realize world doesn't end at the US borders and doesn't revolve around US. What US thinks and demands is by no means in harmony or even in parallel to the world view. If not then their will be serious consequences!

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  • 1 decade ago

    First, I would be very surprised if the US actually "declared war" on Russia, or anyone else. The US hasn't engaged in that quaint nicety since 1941, when they declared war on Japan.

    Second, why are you calling Russia a "rogue?" Is it because they intervened in a war occurring on their own border, the one between Georgia and South Ossetia, in which Russian citizens were threatened? This is the same war in which the US has seen fit to intervene several thousand miles from the US border. Or is it because Russia is threatening to retaliate for the US placing missles in Poland, again very near Russia?

    And just how, pray tell, would the US be able to engage in a war with Russia? The US currently has every Army combat brigade tied up either in Iraq and Afghanistan, about to go there, or just coming back from there. Sure, there's air and naval power, but that only goes so far.

    As for how China would react, are you aware of the fact that throughout history any time a particular country has tried to force its will upon the rest of the world a coalition of countries has tended to rise up to balance it? Since 2001 China and Russia, as well as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikstan, have been part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an "intergovernmental mutual security" group. This organization accounts for about a third of the land mass of the world, and about half its population.

    Many people in the world would say that it is the US that is the rogue. The US bombs whom it pleases and invades whom it pleases. The US launched an illegal invasion of Iraq (illegal both by international law and by American law), a country that had not attacked the US and was not remotely a threat.

    Finally, any war between the US and Russia would very likely become a nuclear war. Historically, whenever a country is threatened with defeat it has used every means at its disposal to stave off that defeat. If either the US or Russia were facing an existential threat, they would certainly make use of their vast nuclear arsenals.

    You armchair generals who are always calling for the US to attack this or that country, and particularly ones like Russia, need to stop and think about the fact that wars never go the way the attackers planned for them to go. Iraq, for instance, was supposed to have been quick, easy, and cheap. It has been none of those things. A war with Russian would make Iraq look like a training exercise.

    Addendum based on your "Additional Comments:" So, you think that the NATO countries have somehow been cowed into submission by the mighty US, such that they would join in some foolhardy attack on Russia? Upon what do you base this notion? The military adventuring of the Bush administration has not demonstrated the strength of the US, but rather its weakness. It's not that the US is weak in overall terms, but the events of recent years have clearly demonstrated that, despite seemingly overwhelming military might, the US cannot simply impose its will on other countries, even small ones, let alone major ones.

    Finally, how can you possibly believe that a war between the US and Russia would leave the US unscathed, without "collateral damage?" I think you subconsciously hit the nail on the head when you talked about the US making "massive profits" (now there's a good reason for going to war, isn't it?) and "rising from the ashes." If the US is not going to suffer physical damage, why would it need to rise from the ashes?

    The fact is that an all-out war between the US and Russia would leave both countries, and probably a good bit of the rest of the world, devastated. I am reminded of Einstein's famous statement about such a war: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with rocks and sticks."

    Further addendum: Having read your response to my answer, it is even more clear to me that you haven't a clue as to what you're talking about, and I will waste no more time on this.

    Source(s): Forty years of studying history, particularly military history.
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  • truly
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    1 decade ago

    I think the Americans have been doing a pretty bad job in choosing their rogue leaders. As a citizen of Europe, I'm very concerned with the implications of this American tendency to fight a war against the entire world. Regarding the US, if they start fighting in all fronts, that can only mean the end of the US and, with it, the end of the wsetern world. I'm amazed that you have people likee that in charge and still aplaud. Are you blind or something? I don't want to sound blunt or anything, but all this does worry me. I wish you could understand. As for people like Chavez and the Bolivian *what's his name* president, they were democratically elected and the US government should understand that and understand that they have a democratic right to choose whomever they please. I didn't like Chavez very much, I'll admit. I still have some doubts about him. But I saw an interview with Chavez the other day and I said to myself "He isn't that bad after all". Maybe I've been somewhat influenced by the western media, maybe you have too, don't you think that's a possibility? Anyway, what I'm saying is with people like Palin the US is becoming increasingly dangerous to us all and no, I will have no reason to support *that* US in a series of wars that are also meant to destroy the little I have achieved with much effort. Thanks for asking and understanding.

    EDIT: Balmung, after reading all your post-scriptums, I'm very sorry to say but you seem like a dangerous person. I hope there aren't many like you in the US, mostly in government. I know you won't give me ten points anyway... And no, Europe won't take sides. And China will become a real problem. And NATO will be destroyed. And the world will become even worse. Thanks a lot, Republicans!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, if the USA attacks Russia and Venezuela, that makes the USA the rogue nation and the big question would be...would the USA's allies back them up? Europe has zero interest in a war with Russia so they would likely politely decline. The attack on Venezuela would wildly erode American influence in Latin America, few if any Latin American governments would support us. China, well, they would be stupid not to settle the Taiwan issue once and for all since we would have our hands full with Russia.

    Basically I think it's a mind numbingly stupid idea on par with Hitler or Napoleon's attack on Russia, there really aren't any good outcomes (outside of fantasy outcomes) for America in such war...and plenty of ways it could go horrifically wrong.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't believe we would declare out-and-out war on Russia. By doing that we would be starting WWIII. Russia has nuke's and would/will use them. If anything we would have another cold war with Russia.

    As for Venezuela....that would be like another Cuban Missle Crisis seniaro. Venezuela doesn't have the manpower to go up against the US...and they have limited nuke's. We would wipe them from the map....anyway America is one their best customers for coffee, coccaine and marjiuana.....i really doubt they would chance not having the American dollar.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In the "new world"... the US federal government declare war, the US people finally see though it and decide not to take any more BS, local governments give to the pressure of the people and ignore state and federal requests to enforce their policies, state governments stop supporting the federal government, the federal government collapses, the US people live free and happy.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If anything it will be another cold war.

    a war by proxy using Venezuela against us and Eastern Europe against Russia

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's the beginning of the end of the world. Hopefully, that will never happen.

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  • 203
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    1 decade ago

    Would this be another US war founded on lies and artificially manufactured "intelligence"?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Welllll, it is going to be the end of usa

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