What's the best oil to use in a Yamaha motorcycle?

A Yamaha 650cc V-Star.

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    Sick-o-leen? Lucas? Yamalube?

    Got to be friggin kidding me!

    It's very important to read the labels today and whether you are under warranty. Read the manual - you may see it says something like "API-SJ and JASO MA" if you are under warranty and it states both then you better find one that says both - Mobil 1 4t racing oil exceeds both.

    If warranty is not an issue I'd recommend Rotella that's not marked CJ-4 and marked CI-4

    do not use API SL or SM, energy conserving, or anything with a starburst insignia on it

    If you find API SL then only use it if it also meets the European ACEA A3/B3 standards as well or forget it

    If you want motorcycle specific I recommend Mobil 1 4t, Motul, and Redline only! Use the viscosity that the manufacture recommends and avoid using 20-50 oil unless you ride in temps of 100 degrees or more consistently.

    If you want something inexpensive then try the Rotella CI-4 or what's mostly the single most over-looked and Porsche approved engine oil on the market today - Kendall GT-1. Full synthetic Castrol is good too

    If want something really exotic then order Brad Penn, Swepco, CMW, or Joe Gibbs racing oils

    Rotella is actually a recommended break-in oil for air-cooled Porsche camshafts and rockers - that should speak volumes in regards to it's quality

    In the future when an oil meets the ACEA A9 standards I'd grab some up. If money was no object then Motul or Redline

    I base my findings on what engineers, race engine builders, and experts recommend - not opinions by users who are convinced a name brand is simply good based on no other support the.... "I use it"

    Sick-o-leen, Yamalube (who ever makes it for them), and Lucas don't qualify, don't compare, and all have a fall off that makes them inferior. Even AMSOIL has studies that show Yamalube to be one of the worst.... Sick-o-leen is notorious for having harmful additives, and Lucas? LMAO!

    Also note this, if you use dino then don't change it frequently because it is now proven that frequently changing dino oil is more harmful then over-extending. It's because the detergent additives in dino are very corrosive and cause wear, use wears out these harmful detergents so it's better old then new..... some people will tell you that it doesn't matter what you use if you just change it frequently...WRONG!

    I don't recommend AMSOIL for two personal reasons, aggressive marketing approach that attacks other brands and implying Spartan like change intervals of thousands of miles are good. Manufactures state when to change your oil on a general basis, this does not include times for hard use and extreme temps, which may require a change regardless of the mileage as a result, Shear effects by bearings and gears in your transmission effect the viscosity ability of all oils - and with motorcycles if you change within the periods or events as I have described above - you won't go wrong - motorcycles, air cooled motorcycles are hard on oil and AMSOIL is full of it in my book, you need to change it...

    Try to use a premium oil filter with the highest level of filtering possible and a GM study shows that this will will extend engine life 75% on average - making the oil filter as important as the oil, if not more!

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    Yamaha Oil

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    What's the best oil to use in a Yamaha motorcycle?

    A Yamaha 650cc V-Star.

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    As long as it does not say energy conserving on the API label you can use any, yes any car oil. There are quite a bit of descrepancies with the use of car oil vs. 'motorcycle oil' but I have been using nothing but car oil in my bikes for years and put many miles on them with absolutely no problems and I have many bikes of various brands and sizes. The motorcycle oil as the dealers like to call it is an expensive crock in my opinion and those using expensive oil and synthetics are jsut throwing their money away. 20,30,40 years ago there wasnt such a thing as 'motorcycle oil', synthetic etc. what did they do, they used car oil. Just keep it changed on a regular basis and you wont have any problems. Check out beacbums two websites.

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    Use the yamaha oil on the vstar for 3 reasons;

    1) it costs about the same as non yamaha oil

    2) it keeps the warranty safe

    3) it is also used by the clutch, and if you use the wrong oil it will

    cause slippage and other nasty problems.

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    I have a 1975 Yamaha RD 125 DX What oil do I use ?

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    Yamalube makes a great oil,but dont get into the oil hype,as long as it's broken in use fully synthetic oils without friction modifiers.

    You can even go to you local walmart,autozone and pick up some rotella diesel oil works great.

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    The obvious choice would be Yama-lube found at any dealership.

    Otherwise Lucas is a quality brand. Both are pretty costly but usually worth the peace of mind.

    Most guys just use regular 10W40 and ignore the small risk of the clutch effects. I use it and don't have any issues.

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    If money is of no object I would recommend Silkolene. Although changing your oil when necessary, depending on how you ride is more important than having the best oil.

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