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poem contest! write a poem about anything?

write a poem about anything and i'll pick the best poem =] just dont plagerize

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    My One True Love

    By: Cyndi Hard

    I was at the end of my rope

    Ready to jump

    I couldn't take it anymore

    I was about to give up

    Kept looking for love in all the wrong places

    I was sick of seeing the exact same faces

    I thought for sure I'd be alone forever

    Already accepted that I wouldn't have anything better

    Then I met you, my life was changed

    You made everything so perfect, even when it rained

    You made my life worth living, instead of boring

    You gave me a reason to get up in the morning

    Almost cried when you said you'd marry me

    Then your feelings changed so suddenly

    I'm still not sure what went wrong

    I do know that I'm nothing now that you're gone

    Looking back there's so much I'd done differently

    Like opening up and not taking myself so seriously

    I miss being able to see your face

    All I had to do was name a time and a place

    You made me want to be a better person

    Although, I felt at times I was a burden

    You always had the best advice, said the right things

    There's no way I can throw away my feelings

    You were my all, my everything, my life

    I will never say goodbye

    I'm not sure what the future holds

    But I hope it's you and me, together, growing old

    There's no doubt about it, my heart beats for only you

    I'm the only one who will love you through and through

    Through anything and everything, I'll be here waiting

    Waiting for you to bust down the door and save me

    If I can't have you I'll be alone forever

    Because no one will make me happy - no, not never

    I hope you can see just how much you really mean

    There's not enough paper in the world for me to truly express my feelings

    I'll wait my whole life for you, if I have to

    The truth is: I love you; And can't live without you

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    In speaking of a persons faults

    pray don't forgot your own,

    remember those with homes of glass

    should never throw a stone.

    If we have nothing else to do

    then talk of those who sin

    tis better we commence at home

    and from that point begin.

    we have no right to judge a man

    till he's been fairly tried,

    should we not like his company,

    we know the world is wide

    Some have faults and who has not

    the old as well the young,

    so, remember, the next time we begin

    to slander friend or foe

    Remember, curses sometimes like our chickens

    roost at home.

    By: Carmella S

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    Imaging a world without loss and pain

    Without the daily struggle the daily strain

    Somedays I wake up so tired and sore

    From the battles I fought the day before

    Weeks go by without looking in the mirror

    I don't want my eyes to show my fear

    The scars from my past I'll someday reveal

    In the Mean-Time I'll look for a band-aid to steal.

    Brandon Edward Jepsen

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    There was an old man from Blackheath

    Who sat on his set of false teeth

    He said with a start

    Oh lord bless my heart

    I've bitten myself underneath.

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    Jumping, Jumping,

    Jumping, Jumping,

    Jumping, Jumping,


    Off my bed,

    I hit the floor,

    And settle with a thump.

    My mommy scolds me.

    "That's not good.

    That way, you should not play."

    But listen so,

    I do not though,

    Much to her dismay.

    Jumping, Jumping,

    Jumping, Jumping,

    Jumping, Jumping,


    Off my bed,

    I hit the floor,

    This time, my head, I bump.

    My mommy takes me in her arms

    And turns me over so.

    My bottom, she does give a swat,

    My tears begin to flow.

    But listen so,

    This time, I know,

    Still stinging on my rump.

    No longer on my bed, I play

    When I prefer to jump.

    **written from a child's point of view

    Source(s): my self
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    a survival

    elevate your soul

    over your loss and unspoken pain

    its alright to fall some times as long as

    you standtall on happyday with a smile again

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    What should I cry, in lines,

    That I will not cry, in eyes?

    Rather be daft, and laugh

    At the amazing array,

    Every day, of wafting

    Words, driven in herds...

    To the idolatry of poetry

    Gods and Goddesses.

    Source(s): Laughter ringing loud and true.
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    -------Flight 93-------

    We must not forget the brave souls

    That gave their all, that fateful day,

    to save others from joining the prey,

    There own lives they gave when

    they said, "not us, we will not be

    used in this way", and down brought

    they, that plane that was meant to slay.

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