I'm an old pensioner and I just cannot understand this language term... Please help ?

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I'm a 90+ granny and have an adjoining room to my youngest granddaughter's room. Last night I went to bed early because I had a headache and over heard my granddaughter speaking to a ...show more
Update : It can't mean sex for Pete's sake. She is just 13 years old
Update 2: Dear Friends. Please do not fret any longer. It is now 3 o clock here ...show more
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This means listening to music



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  • Ruby T answered 6 years ago
    Yeah I reckon she definately meant sex but she was probably just showing off to her friends and didn't really do it :P good luck with her, I was terrible at that age!!
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  • narcissa_bl answered 6 years ago
    I am pretty sure it means that she was having sex with a guy. However, not to worry, maybe she was just kissing the guy. I am sure that there is no way you can have sex at the back of a school bus. Maybe she was having oral sex, which means to use the mouth to give pleasure to the partner in the delicate parts of the body.

    But she could also have said that about another person. Are you sure she was talking about herself? Talk to the mother, I say. Or directly to the girl. Say that you heard a girl in the mall saying that expression and you don't know what it means.
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  • SmegD answered 6 years ago
    Maybe they were banging on the back windows at other cars or that sorta thing. Banging does normally mean knocking boots but in the back of a bus I doubt that's gonna happen. Guns is a no and I'm pretty sure it's not drugs. She could of meant headbanging
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  • And life goes on answered 6 years ago
    banging=doing the nasty=knocking boots=getting down and dirty=hot dog in doughnut hole.

    catch my drift?
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  • jadexx answered 6 years ago
    banging is a term for sexual intercourse....
    being 13 maybe you overheard wrong
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  • Sara answered 6 years ago

    She was ******* some guy on the back on the bus on the way home??"
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  • Bandit. answered 6 years ago
    Yahoo Answers is not the place for trolls.
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