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去爬五峰旗,當我們爬到山腰休息往下一看 哇!風景好漂亮,






拜託!!!知道的人幫幫我。我很趕 拜託 拜託

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    我有加主詞,你可以自己改成我 我們或其他的

    I spent this summer vacation in Yilan. We went to several scenic resorts like Wu Feng Chi and Jieu Shi. The most interesting thing in Jieu Shi was hot spring. Although I just soak my feet in hot spring, it still felt comfortable. Then, we went to Wu Feng Chi. When we took a rest at the middle of the mountain, I saw beautiful scenery under the mountain. We could hike and enjoy the cool of waterfall. The stream was so limpid that the little stones all could see clearly. However, we didn’t hike to the top, I though it was the best way to appreciate beautiful scenery if I stood the summit of the mountain and looked far from here. I hope I can enjoy another good trip to Yilan.

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    Summer vacation passed this year in Taibei, has gone to some scenic spots, some five peak flag. Reef brook. And so on.

    The reef brook mainly soaks the hot spring, although only soaks the foot to let the human feel very comfortably! Then

    Crawls five peak flags, as soon as when we crawl to the mountainside rest downward look ha! Scenery good attractive,

    Moreover one side climbs a mountain also may enjoy the waterfall cool, the water extremely is also limpid

    The tiny stone all looks clear, although has not crawled the summit,

    But I thought the summit looks into the distance from a high place the distant place field of vision scenery certainly 絕 good good.

    If has the opportunity really to enjoy travel of the time Yilan!

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