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HH6 asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionDrama · 1 decade ago

What is the name of this episode of Law & Order ( original)?

Recent rerun on TNT featuring Detective Logan, and a neighbor of his he was interested in. Logan finds her dead, after she fails to show up for a drink with him. He suspects the ex husband, whom he learned raped her, after tracking her down, despite her name change. Logan secretly works the case, and discovers she committed suicide..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It was Criminal Intent not Original

    133. Renewal

    Logan and Wheeler investigate the death of a police recruit. Logan becomes distracted by the death of his neighbor and Eames steps in to assist Wheeler in the investigation.

    Writer: Warren Leight, Jacquelyn Reingold, Jacquelyn Reingold

    Director: Norberto Barba

    Guest star: Leslie Hendrix (Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers) , Kathryn Erbe (Det. Alexandra Eames), Joe Forbrich (Det. Jim Fry), Avery Glymph (Det. Bruce Komsta), Kenneth Lee (Alvin Li), Brooke Tansley (Belle Duffy), Alec Von Bargen (Julian Shaw), Kelli Williams (Holly Lauren), Jo Yang (Mrs. Li), Erik Jensen (Boyd), John Wojda (Professor), Leslie Lyles (Mrs. Trebay), Telly Leung (Kenny Li), Traci Godfrey (Det. Agnes Farley), Isaac Cruz (Carl Herrera), Ian Brennan (Lance Moren), Sam Breslin Wright (Casper), Eva Kaminsky (Janine), Gus Kaikkonen (Mr. Duffy), Bonnie Black (Mrs. Duffy), Patrick Noonan (Pete), Tiffani Barbour (Delia), James Villani (Joey), Billy Vann (Teddy), Chandra Thomas (Dee)

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  • 1 decade ago

    It could be "Bad Faith".

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