Weird sore lump under my arm?

Ok, so under my left armpit I have a really sore lump that appeared over night last night. It's big, about 1/2 inch long and 2 cm's wide and it's a visible bulge, it's slightly pink, but is not warm to the touch. It doesn't seem to be an ingrown hair. I unfortunately no longer have insurance aand money is real tight, but we make too much $$ to qualify for the free clnic, so I was hopping to avoid having to shell out the cash for a DR visit. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any idea what it could be and how to make it better. Thanks.

Oh this could be important I guess, I had cat scratch fever about 2 years ago and it manifested in my axillary lymph nodes and the lymph nodes around my elbow, the one on my elbow abscessed and has required multiple drainings and 3 months ago I had to have surgery to remove narcotized tissue in my elbow. However, the swollen gland in my armpit is not in the same place as the node that was effected by the cat scratch, but the elbow always swelled in the same place, so I'm inclined to say it's not CSF. Again any suggestions as what it could be and how to get rid of it would be great.

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    i would guess some type of infection with your lymph nodes ... it does hurt and the outer skin over the node is pink. From what i know CSF is kinda like mono, the symptoms can flare up every now and then when you are under stress or the illness can be full blown and you have it again. I have had mono twice ... so it may be CSF. Also the size increase in such a rapid time and the tenderness are the main symptoms of CSF.

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    You are playing with fire...please find a way to pay for a doctor. At the very least call the doctor's officer, explain the situation and ask if you can do a payment plan. Good luck.

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