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Male Hairstyles. What hairstyle do girls prefer on men.?

I wanted to know what hairstyles girls/women prefer on men. Give me some male celebrities examples.

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    Personally, I prefer a neat and stylish haircut. One that isn't too short, but it's so long that you can't see the eyes. All those "emo" hairstyles and mohawks are ugly.

    I really like this style when Leonardo Dicaprio had it:

  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    I like having hair down there because I like how it looks on me and I hate having to remove it because it's annoying. So I trim a little and shave the labia majora/bikini line but that's all, I have a full triangle. All 3 guys I've been with were hairy down there and I guess I like it like that. If I saw a hairless guy I'd have a bit of a freak out. I talked about hair with 2 of the guys and those 2 stated they prefer hair and think it looks weird without. I didn't ask number 3 his opinion but he apparently didn't have a problem with my hair. My ex went down on me regularly for 2 years and never mentioned getting hair in his mouth/teeth so either it's because of how I maintained it, or guys who experience that are lying or have bad oral technique. One other guy went down on me and said it was fine. Though he said he used to do it for his ex who didn't trim at all and would sometimes get hair. But I think a tiny bit of shaving/trimming can fix that without having to remove it all.

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    men have it so simple with hair, anything goes. look through the tabloids at brad pitt,jude law with his fohawk, or maybe long like keanu reeves back in the day. depending on how long ur hair is depends on what u can do. u can even shave it off like beckham.

  • To Me it All Depends On the Face....

    Different faces, different Hair styles...on everyone...

    You'll just have to try'em all to find out the one for you.....

    Unless your in jr.high, I guess in jr. High The Messy Spiked look, was the one....

    But Now, Yeah Try them all.....

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Long Long Hair (I like to pull), look up old Metallica, Korn, SOAD or just about any metal band, That's what I like!

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    3 years ago

    super long link will not work... but i like long and also short..... but everyone looks different together with different styles of hair. some individuals look better short others look better long

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    i like an a symmetrical haircut like the lead singer of the medic droid

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    1 decade ago

    a spiky( any spyke) /a bed head style/any hairstyle which gives a 'sexy' look

    i guss girls like the bed head look d most!!??

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    1 decade ago

    I love it when guys do the whole down to the ears and flippy thing;]]

    its so adorable, especially on this one hottie of the entire school, to everys someone girl in the school trysten ;]]

  • 1 decade ago

    Fo hawk

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