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Would you rather pay more for oil, then support Venezuela with there President Hugo Chavez?

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    Hugo Chavez is NOT about to cut Venezuela's U.S. oil ties anytime soon; he'd be a fool to do so. Then again, Chavez is far from anything intellegent.

    The second Chavez cuts off Venezulean oil to the U.S. is the second his precious profits will dry up fast---because the U.S. is Venezulea's #1 buyer of THEIR oil.

    If Chavez doesn't shut up fast--we might turn Venezulean oil away...hence the word EMBARGO--something that'd REALLY hurt him than it would us, given we were smart enough to have a strageic oil reserve.....helll-oooo!!!

    Chavez is scared though--no doubts there. Logical reasons assert Chavez feels the U.S. might have some damming evidence linking him to the cocaine biz--stuff that might justify our sending troops to assist with DEA in capturing him, much like we did Noreiga (remember him???).

    There's even some buzz in D.C. that the Feds have evidence Chavez worked to manulipate OPEC per barrel oil prices earlier this summer.....something that's now a crime to do.

    If the U.S. wanted Chavez dead--they'd have NO problem making THAT happen. If Chavez sees the new day's dawn--it's because the U.S. allows him to. The second Chavez harms the U.S. Ambassador is the second Chavez marks his face with a bulls-eye that our laser sniper rifles WON'T miss.

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    Well, Chavez like Evo Morales remembers a man who DID NOT EXPEL THE US AMBASSADOR and died 9/11/73 in a US sponsored military coup so these guys just want to stay alive. Chavez is nutty but unlike most of the corrupt oligarchs of Latin America he actually trickles down\

    some of the oil profits to the poor in the form of clinics, schools, sanitation,food subsidies therefore he is hated by the middle and upper classes of Venezuela who are in the minority in the country.

    Actually, I hope he stays in power--he is nutty, but he is a lesser evil than the army generals who tried to overthrow him and who will take away the social gains that the people have achieved and kill a lot of people in the process.

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  • 1 decade ago

    support Chavez. Why would I want to pay a higher price for gas?

    You gotta use your brain once in awhile.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Chavez is corrupted 100 folds and should be euthanized.

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