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How many points do you get in football when your score a touchdown?

Okay i'm not very good with sport stuff but my best friend for life, Mackenzie loves football. So how many points do you get when you score a touchdown? I don't need to know RIGHT now but soon would be good. Thanks

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    You get 6 points for a touchdown. You get an additional 1 point if your kicker kicks the ball over the goal posts. You may opt for a two point conversion in which your team basically has to score another touchdown from near the goal line. A field goal is when your kicker kicks the ball over the goal posts from anywhere on the field and usually when it is 4th down and too big of a chance on not getting a first down. In which case if successful your team is awarded 3 points.

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    A team gets 6 points for a touchdown, 1 for an extra point field goal, 2 for a two-point conversion, and 3 for a regular field goal.

    Source(s): My bro used to play football & baseball.
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    You get 6 points for a touchdown, but you also then get to either kick the equivelant of a 19 yard field goal for 1 "extra point", or try to run a play from the two yard line and score again. IF you do, you get 2 points extra for the "two point conversion"

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    U get 6 points per a touchdown

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  • you get 6 points for a touchdown. 3 points for a field goal. 2 points for safeties (getting tackled inside your own endzone), 2 points for 2 point conversions (choice of 2 pt conv. which is high risk but mostly used in desperate situations), and one point for kicking a field goal after the touchdown which is known as P.A.T. ( point after touchdown)

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    u get 6 points if u get a touchdown (u get seven if u make the extra point which is when a kicker comes up and has to kick the ball into the yello field goal right after u score the touchdown

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    6 and after you can go for 2 or 1 more point

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    6 with extra point(kick) 7 unless they try for 2=8

    3 points for field goal

    2 points for safety

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    6 points for a TD. Your kicker can then kick an extra point, or you can try to get the ball in the end zone again from the 2 for 2 points.

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    6 points.

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