Is gambling on slot machines, really random? or does time factor in?

I've been playing slot machines for a while an I've noticed certain patterns for supposedly random payouts.

When the VLT's first came out in Canada, two guys studied them writing down every sequence of what came up for 50 000 spins. Then the cycle repeated itself. These men made 100's of thousands of dollars by using this information to their advantage.

If you marked down the time's when the slot machines pay out over a long period of time, will this strategy work on the slot machines?

I did see a person with a schedule with machine numbers on it, that made 200 dollars beside me in a short period of time. My machine paid out the same. If I tried to leave the machine for a moment she almost jumped me to get it, just before it paid out. She had 4 machines written down in 15 minute time slots, on a sheet of paper. Her playing was surrounded by very suspicious clandestine circumstances.

It just really makes me wonder whether the slot machines are truly random. 90 percent of the time on the penny machines if you get a cashman, so does the person beside you.

I do know if you adjust your bet on slot machines, from 25 cents to 50, for example, then back down again to 50 with an occasional 125 thrown in there, the chances of your machine paying on a lower bet is huge.

The machines are also programmed to pay you out a little at the beginning, but then they go into sleeper mode once you start pumping the cash in. Going to the machine beside you is often the trick. Money in, money out.

I like to take 5 dollar bills and travel from machine to machine. If you can catch a bonus in the first 5 dollars, then you're using the enticement feature to benefit you.

Now, poker, King Cobra is much more a game of patience and skill. Your answers are insightful. I'm curious about your poker tips. I bet you they're good ones. Cheers

My question is ...Do the slot machines have timed adjustments to regulate the margin they are suppose to be paying out? It sure seems that way. Any thoughts?

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    When I played in Vancouver, BC, the machines appeared to be the same as the ones in Vegas.

    The way they work in Vegas is the machine contains a random number generator, constantly producing random numbers.

    At the exact millisecond that you hit the start button, the random number that the machine is 'thinking' of is then matched with a reel sequence table containing mostly losing combination, and a few winning ones.

    Let me give you an example. Imagine there was a machine that only had five different possible spins (real machines have tens of thousands).

    1) BAR BAR CHERRY - $1

    2) PEAR PEAR BAR - $0

    3) BAR GRAPE COIN - $0

    4) JACK JACK JACK - $Jackpot

    5) JACK BAR PEAR - $0

    So in this example the machine randomly picks a number between one and five, and then looks up that number on the table above, and spins the reels to the appropriate prize.

    Over time a machine like the one I just made up would spin a jackpot an average of one in five times, a $1 prize an average of one in five times, and lose three out of five times.

    Clearly, this kind of machine would be a bit weird. A real machine has hundreds of thousands of possible combinations. With clever creation of the win table it is possible to tune the machine to pay out exactly the right amount of money.

    This design is pretty simple, and results in a machine that can hit any time at all, but the odds are that over time the casino will make whatever percentage of profit the machine was programmed with.

    You can watch the machines all you like, but it is pure chance when they hit.

    Of course, keep in mind that some machines have a higher house edge than others. So some machines are more likely to take your money more slowly.

    As for your idea of adjusting the bet up and down, this is a horrible idea. On most Vegas style machines if you are not playing max credit, you are not eligible to win the jackpot. Imagine how annoying it would be to spin a jackpot, but because you bet the wrong amount you win a much smaller prize.

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  • Anonymous
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    Well VLT's may be a different matter. They are owned and run by the government so who knows about the quality control aside from the fact they tend to pay out less and make more money for them. It's possible as well that casino slots aren't random either but very unlikely as I've already said. What you want to avoid is to take a less then significant sample and make assumptions. As well we may be looking or hoping for a certain result and this may color our judgement here making it seem more evident that a certain thing is happening than it actually is. The third thing is that the outcomes can be random and there will be a time interval between wins of course, although not necessarily a predictable one. If it's random though you can't just say that a machine hasn't paid out in a while so it's due.

    Once again the best advice here is if you're going to play and you have some ideas about things like this then just go for it. You can't hurt yourself and even though we can say it probably doesn't help either it certainly is possible that the program is set to pay at some sort of interval and if that's the case then you can only help yourself here.

    As for your kind words about the poker well I've been playing seriously for more years than I care to tell including professionally and I got to the point where I felt bad for all the losing players out there and wanted to do something to give back to the game so yeah I've got some free lessons and such which will at least get you to think about the game differently and avoid some common mistakes and anyone who is struggling and looking for some good tips is welcome to stop by.

    Good luck at the machines!

    King Cobra Poker

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Hi: No, the Adderal has nothing to do with your enjoyment or the amount of enjoyment slots provide to you. Mostly everyone likes to throw some money into the machine and see what happens because there is always the statement of "You just never know. Do you have an addicting personality? I do and I was in Vegas once, had never gambled before sat down and had the same feelings you describe. A bomb could have went off and I would not have noticed or moved. My husband at the time pulled me away but as we walked thru the casino, man I HAD to put money in each machine I went by. I tried the roullette table, that was fun and I had the same feeling as the slots and at both places I had no idea how to play any of the games. I actually realized that the 2 times my husband tried to get me away from both games, I became angry. I didn't like that I felt that way and realized at that point that since I have an addicting personality, and it really showed its ugly face and leaving the roullette table is the exact time I realized that. So for the next 3 days (and we had aonly arrived a few hours before thisd revelation I had) I tried to avoid all gambling. Hard to do there, but I was able to do it, thank goodness. So everyone or mostly everyone gets some kind of enjoyment out of playing slots, come on - its fun but when that warm comfy cozy, warm and fuzzy feeling is more that just having a little fun, then you need to be careful. And yes, I think sitting there at the slots for literally 12 hours straight is excessive. but I also understand how the time flies because the fun is fantastic. Please just think about it, become aware of yourself, and then try your best to handle it appropriately. Be safe and be well

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    Are Slot Machines Random

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    I work for a class 2 (bingo) vendor in the midwest, our machines don't have any way to set any kind of time span to change payouts or anything like that. It's possible that it's hard coded into the software but I doubt it.

    We make money off of what is called a "theoretical hold". This means that the game is random, but it's adjusted so that a certain percentage of all the money put in the machine over a period of time is "theoretically" retained.

    Example: I don't know the exact percentages but this is somewhat accurate. Let's say over a year the machine has $100k put in with a hold of 20%. In a perfect world the machine would make the casino $20k that year. However, the hold is theoretical which means that statistically it should hold that amount, but could be more of less than that due to randomness. That doesn't mean that everyone who puts money in will get 80% back (in fact a lot don't), a lot is made back by jackpots. Now if someone had god sitting on their shoulder the bingo patterns would hit every time and they'd bankrupt the casino, alternatively they could spin forever and not hit anything. Both are nearly statistically impossible, but have a slim chance of happening.

    Also, our machines have a higher percentage to hit on a higher bet/ higher denom machine. It isn't astronomical, but it's more than a low bet/low denom.

    From talking to a field tech from one of the prominent vendors in Vegas, he's never mentioned anything about a time setting on their machines, he said it's about the statistics and hold. That's not to say that it doesn't exist, but I haven't heard anyone mention anything about it before.

    I think a lot of what people perceive on slots depend on numerous factors, there's really no way to know what's going on in there unless you programmed it. The vast majority of my day I have people bitching about my machines ripping them off. They're what the casino makes the lion share of money off of, so think of it as being pretty much doomed from the start when you walk up to the machine. The company doesn't tell us techs about the payout percentages, any way to cheat the machines, etc. That's all handled by upper engineers we never see.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Most slot machine producers develop a sophisticated RNG algorithms to guarantee random outcome. The casinos are very interested in fair randomness of the algo otherwise it can result in big loses for the casinos. There are independent authorities monitoring actual payback. So RNG should work fine.

    On the other hand the payback percentage of a slot machine can be "tuned" by casino operators. Most slot machines in land based casinos allow the operator to set a payback in certain range. RTG Online casinos allow adjustable payout rates from 91 to 98%, depend on the machine. Most other online gaming companies provide games with fixed odds and ensure correct payout %.

    Progressive jackpot games provide players with true opportunity to "beat the odds". Starting from a certain values some poker and blackjack, and probably some slot, jackpots has a positive math. expectation or over 100% avarage expected payback for each $1 bet.

    Each jackpot game has min jackpot value (seed) and avarage hit. In some cases if jackpot reach 20 x min. value (or 2...10 x avg. hit), the odds turn in favour of player! Even above average jackpots allow you to increase your odds. Providing multiple welcome bonuses and promotions for regular players, online casinos allow customers a great opportunity to win big.

    All you need to do is choosing the right time for the right game in the right online casino (with the best bonuses).

    I have seen current jackpot values and other data on this site:

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    I can't be sure about the details for specific machines, but most have an RNG that can produce 4 billion different results, so you could play for hundreds of years before the sequence began to repeat.

    Some machines also use Multiple Recursive Generators that produce up to 16 quintillion different results,

    The 50,000 cycle is sure to be nothing more than coincidence - and I'll bet it is no longer apparent.

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    gambling slot machines random time factor

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