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Texas: Hurricane Ike. WWE Question inside?

I live in Laredo, Texas, Hurricane Ike, i think, is landing on Houston, Tx (5 hours from Laredo), could it also land on Laredo? I'm scared to death, i dont wanna die this way.. & my aunt lives in Houston, ****!!! Man, why do Hurricanes exist? DAMN!

WQ - Undertaker vs HHH @ Mania 25?

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    Just keep checking the news for the latest weather developments and good luck dude.

    WQ ~ That sounds good for sure, but i read it's Taker vs HBK at WM25 with the two veteran Texans and only active wrestlers left from the first edition of Raw.

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    right here is the 1st rate be conscious from the city of Pasadena: "The mayor stated as we talk, the city of Pasadena shouldn't subject evacuation orders for typhoon Ike, yet might subject voluntary evacuation orders today for the El Jardin subdivision and different low mendacity factors. voters who're worried that their place of abode might flood or be no longer able to stand up to the expected winds ought to evaluate self-evacuating to a community of protection." I also have a pal in Pasadena with whom I even have stayed in touch. She's making plans on staying. sounds like fierce winds are the main important subject, with Ike making a speedy sprint Northeast, to that end keeping off important flooding.

  • Yes at WM 25

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    well, if I were you and your aunt, I would get out of that area of Texas, and go somewhere else for the time being.

    It won't happen, I don't think. But, I'll say Taker

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    Leave and go to a different state, quick!!

    WQ- I think its most likely not gonna happen, but if it did. Taker would continue his streak. =) He will win against who ever he faces.

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    Hurricanes exist for the one pourpose of making WWE fans worry their tiny minds.

    By the way hurricanes do not follow a script.

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    just get off your computer and get the **** Out

    WQ: not gonna happen, but Taker would when

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