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is there a song for.....?

okay so theres a guy i met a couple weeks ago..

and i think i like him a lot and he feels the same.

but i dont know what to do and im confused.

and i wanna know if thers a song typical of my story.


oh and nothing like oldies.

im looking for like 2004 to now.

hippop r&b alternative no country.

Update 2:

and no we arent shy.

just not sure.

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    jesse mccartney - my baby

    Massari - fall in love again

    jon malughlin - beautiful disaster

    september - cry for you

    Lauren Christoff - won't stop

    leona lewis - better in time

    T.I - whatever you like

    jonas brothers - burning up

    david archuleta - crush

    girlicious - still in love

    rock your soul - elisa

    goin crazy - ashley tisdale

    britney spears - perfect lover

    britney spears - heaven on earth

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    1. Sixpence None the Richer, "Kiss Me"

    (Come on, it's a cute song.)

    2. The Jackson Five, "ABC"

    3. Sarah McLachlan, "I Love You"

    (Especially good at inspiring pity for your lovesick state.)

    4. Kajagoogoo, "Too Shy"

    (Sometimes the obvious works.)

    5. Juliana Hatfield, "Spin the Bottle"

    I don't know if you are two shy but that is what it sounds like. Anyway, the site below has alot of songs for an way you're feeling.

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    Over The Hills And Far Away-Led Zeppelin it doesnt have to do with two weeks and ppl in love but it always calms me down and lets me think makes me happy

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    see you again - Miley Cyrus?? is that good??

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