Should we be worried about the location of Galveston National Laboratory?

Galveston National Laboratory is the second of only two National Laboratories in the US that contain the world's worst / highest of deadliest virus. Why did it get located on Galveston? This island has been destroyed several times historically by hurricanes. Why is a Biosafety lab level 4 located there? Was it political? Why is this not making national headlines as Galveston is predicted to get a huge brunt of hurricane IKE?

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    If you look in the same FAQ, you will find this:

    "What are the dangers if a hurricane strikes the area?

    The GNL is among the strongest and most heavily reinforced of all structures in the region. It is designed to meet hurricane building codes. Despite its structural integrity, plans are in place to shut down and secure all laboratory operations if a hurricane landfall is predicted near Galveston. This shut-down and decontamination can be done quickly, with all work in the facility ceasing, the lab locked down, and all biological and chemical material placed into secure storage and all the agents rendered noninfectious or destroyed."

    As a friend who lives in the area said, the chemical plants along the Houston Ship Channel may be of larger concern.

    As for why it was built there, I once asked that question and the response I had was because that's where there was the community support and political will to build it.

    A correction, there are multiple BSL-4 laboratories, not just two. They have proliferated as part of the government's growing biodefense program following 9-11. And, not to make you feel any better, but there are actually TWO BSL-4 labs in Galveston. They are the GNL (which may or may not be 100% complete) and The Robert E. Shope, M.D., Laboratory at UTMB.

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    I think they would have built it to survive, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    In any case, it's too late to do anything about it now.

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